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Sell-Side Readiness

On the Market

So management has decided to sell. Maybe the company needs additional capital to fund growth. Maybe the owners want to unlock value through a liquidity event. Maybe management wants to gain operational efficiencies. Whatever the reason, the company’s about to be ‘out there’. But before management can choose between Bachelor (we mean Buyer) number 1, 2 or 3, any potential suitor will first need to be courted – with a cohesive and data supported story, not flowers. At Accordion, we support sell-side readiness by providing management with a buyer’s lens on the types of financial and operational metrics needed to streamline due diligence and maximize the company’s valuation. If they want it, you’ve got it.

The Accordion Approach to Sell-Side Readiness

The Universals

Whether selling to a strategic or financial buyer there are certain ‘universals’ that buyers prioritize: a multi-year value creation strategy and implementation plan, metrics supporting the investor story, a business case for the sale of the company, pressure tested projections for feasibility, and reconciled operational and financial data. Accordion’s support proactively creating these ‘universals’ provides sellers with a level of sophistication that sets them apart in the eyes of the investor community.

The Data Room

Sellers that can populate a Data Room are well primed for sale. Sellers than can populate the room through a buyer’s lens can expect a faster sale process and (often) higher valuation. Accordion not only provides clients with that lens but removes many of the burdensome diligence demands, freeing management to spend more time executing against core business strategies and less time producing one-off analyses for multiple interested buyers.

Telling a Cohesive Story

A company whose operating and financial metrics are closely aligned with the story that is being pitched to investors will build credibility during the due diligence process. Accordion helps sellers build a management presentation with story-aligned metrics (including KPI and trend data) across all business and functional units. And we do so with buyer demanded granularity: providing historical views of performance down to the lowest common reporting factor.

Be The Buyer

We know the buyer, because we were the buyer. Our practitioners come from the PE and banking worlds and speak the buyer’s language. Accordion is, therefore, uniquely suited to help management understand an investor’s perspective during the sale preparation process and respond with the type of data driven analyses that sophisticated private equity investors demand. We help companies articulate a quantitative and qualitative company story that primes the pump for a successful sale.

Matt Marcus

Taking an investor's perspective during the sale prep process…that's what's critical to maximize a deal's potential.

Matt MarcusManaging Director, Accordion
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