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Sell-Side Readiness

Accordion's Approach to Sell-Side Readiness

At Accordion, we support sell-side readiness by providing management with a buyer’s lens on the types of financial and operational metrics needed to streamline due diligence and maximize the company’s valuation. Here’s how:

Be the Buyer

We know the buyer, because we were the buyer. Our practitioners come from the private equity and investment banking worlds – making us uniquely suited to 1) help management understand an investor’s perspective during the sale preparation process and 2) respond with the type of data driven analyses that PE investors demand.

Do the Data

Our team performs the “heavy lifting” of financial and operational data analysis and Data Room setup. This alleviates the burden of diligence demands and enables management to spend more time executing against core business strategies (and less time producing one-off analyses for interested buyers).

Support the Story

After ensuring the data is fully reconciled, it’s critical that the financial and operational metrics align with the story being pitched to investors. Our team helps sellers support that story by providing data at the level of granularity that buyers appreciate – including historical views of performance down to the lowest common reporting factor.

Vet the Value

In addition to analyzing the financial and operational data, we help quantify current and future value creation opportunities – enabling investors to easily understand the trapped value within the business. From there, we'll take the lead in developing a multi-year value creation strategy and implementation plan.

Matt Marcus

We support the CFO and Investment Bank by coordinating and responding to ongoing diligence questions and requests – enabling management teams to focus on running the business.”

Matt Marcus
Managing Director, Head of Transaction Execution, Accordion
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