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ERP/Financial System Execution

E-R-P…EASY AS 1-2-3

Ok, maybe the Jackson 5 weren’t singing about Enterprise Resource Planning systems…but on a serious note, a well-implemented ERP is the backbone of a company’s entire finance function. And yet, in a 2018 Global PE Survey, 90% of CFOs reported that their data systems were not fully integrated across their organization – and 75% reported no integration at all. The reason? Implementation teams are often under-resourced, in need of a dedicated project manager, and lacking pre-defined business requirements (among other pain points). This is where we come in. At Accordion, we’re a rare hybrid between technologists and accountants – which means we’ve not only successfully implemented numerous financial systems, but we’ve also been the end-user.

The Accordion Approach to ERP/Financial System Execution

Stakeholder Synergy

One of the cardinal sins of a failed ERP or financial system implementation is a lack of communication between financial system implementors and business process owners. Too often, key stakeholders are left out of the system’s design process – resulting in issues with data, complicated GL mapping, and inability to provide necessary reporting. At Accordion, we engage with all system stakeholders to ensure we understand their needs (as well as their challenges with existing processes and technology). From there, we establish agreed-upon business requirements and then implement accordingly.

End-to-End Experience

Whether our team is engaged at the start of an implementation, or after a company’s implementation has gone awry, we’re able to help at every step. From evaluating needs to selecting the right vendor; from developing an implementation roadmap (incorporating all stakeholders) and implementing accordingly; from building a robust COA to redesigning the FSCP, to testing the new system and going live — we make change management easy.

The Private Edge

Hailing from accounting backgrounds in the private sector, we’ve been in your shoes. We know, firsthand, what it’s like to be the end-user of an ERP, T&E, or any other financial system. On top of that, we get the technology, as we’ve successfully implemented these systems for countless companies. And while there might be other technologists out there… none of them have our finance background. To make your system work in the actual day-to-day finance setting, we not only talk the talk; we walk the walk.

Rescue Relief

It’s an all too familiar scenario: “We’re in over our heads. Our ERP implementation is incomplete and now we can’t create a full set of financial statements or trust our historical data!” If you’re in this boat, we can provide immediate support. Our team will gather data to make necessary changes to the system set-up, while continuously trouble-shooting to deliver a functioning and correctly modified ERP. From there, we’ll validate historical data and create templates within the system that meet reporting demands and requirements.


By combining our established finance expertise with broader technology experience, we’re able to fill a hole in the market – serving the industry in a way no other firm can.”

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