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RADAR: Reporting, Accounting, Data & Analytics Roadmap for financial onboarding

RADAR for financial onboarding at PE speed.

Newly-acquired portfolio companies aren’t perfect from the get-go. There are often gaps in the finance function: disparate data, unclear reporting, weak capabilities, unhappy post-investment surprises, lack of CFO/sponsor alignment on the value creation plan, and more.

Accordion’s RADAR (Reporting, Accounting, Data & Analytics Roadmap) is here to guide you toward effective financial onboarding that matches the speed and rigor of private equity. Becoming a trusted partner to your portfolio company’s management team, we’ll bring in cross-functional experts in the first 100 days to optimize your reporting, accounting, and data & analytics functions for better sponsor/portfolio company alignment and improved decision-making.

Guiding finance function onboarding through a value creation lens

  • FP&A, Reporting, & Analytics

    Your pain: Murky reporting metrics that prevent accurate performance visibility.

    How RADAR helps: Defined & granular metrics that drive real-time insights into business performance, increase sponsor/portfolio company alignment, and track progress toward strategic iniatives for informed business decision-making.

  • Accounting & Transaction Processing

    Your pain: Lengthy close process & ineffective GAAP reporting.

    How RADAR helps: Close process deep-dive to assess key issues & implement quick-win accounting improvements—allowing for a rapid close process that meets sponsor & lender requirements.

  • Data & Technology

    Your pain: Lackluster data environment with outdated systems—limiting meaningful analytics

    How RADAR helps: A data & analytics diagnostic that breaks down issues stemming from antiquated data systems (like Excel) and outlines quick-win opportunities for automation to drive growth and enable rapid acquisition integration.

  • People & Organization

    Your pain: Unclear understanding of finance team capabilities and high-cost function.

    How RADAR helps: Quick yet comprehensive assessment of finance team capabilities and interim leadership onboarding support (if necessary) to lay the foundation for a scalable organization.

Key Deliverables

  • Creation of critical reporting including monthly reporting package, weekly flash, and 13-week cash flow

  • GAAP conversion, monthly close process acceleration & accounting quick wins

  • Tech stack and data/BI architecture future state design

  • Finance team and organizational insights​

  • Development of overarching finance function roadmap that strengthens people, processes, and technology capabilities​

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