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Case Study

Onboarding Essential Reporting For a New Portfolio Company

Team Size
1 Managing Director, 1 Director, 1 Vice President, 1 Associate
Project Duration
9 weeks

The Situation

A global PE sponsor had recently acquired a leading independent provider of capitated primary care services to Medicare Advantage plan members in South Florida. The PE sponsor had a standardized finance onboarding process, containing a set of weekly and monthly reports to be delivered by the portfolio company to monitor operations. Accordion was engaged to design and implement the onboarding process and set of reports based on guidance from the PE sponsor, and create a streamlined update process for each of the reports.


Stakeholder Reporting & KPI Development

13-Week Liquidity Forecasting

FP&A Process Redesign & Implementation

The Execution

  • Worked with Management and the sponsor to identify the appropriate output templates and content for each report.
  • Collaborated with members of Management to determine key business performance metrics and associated data availability for clinics, MSO, and pharmacy divisions and outlined future state requirements for additional metrics.
  • Automated financial information for internal financial package which was previously manually populated from QuickBooks exports.
  • Built automated models to easily produce the following reports:
    • Weekly operational and financial flash report
    • Weekly 13-week cash flow forecast
    • Monthly profit & loss flash report
    • Monthly financial and operational review to be used at the board of director meetings
    • Reporting defined above was automated with current system QuickBooks to extent possible, although deliverables were provided with an outlook of the team’s near-term transition to upgraded ERP
  • Conducted multiple training sessions for each report and provided templates for management to simulate the update process themselves.
  • Assembled thorough user guides for each report for Management transition and for future training for the Company as they built out their finance team.

The Results

Accordion worked with the sponsor and Management Team to implement automated and informative and ongoing monthly/weekly financial reports. These reports enabled the Company to effectively communicate performance and provide key stakeholders with the required visibility into the Company’s financial and operational drivers in order to facilitate a data driven decision-making environment in a timely manner. The reporting processes were set up to be automated to highest the extent possible, enabling the Company to update reports on a go-forward basis with minimal incremental time commitment. As a result of our work and focus on training and transition, the Company was able to seamlessly take on ownership of the reports and update process.