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Media & Communications

Emerging Mediums & Merging Medias

This tongue twister of a headline is indicative of the Media & Communications industry at large; it’s difficult to decipher and might make your head spin. The evolving digital landscape continues to captivate consumers and intrigue investors. Trends are taking over: cable cords are being cut, streaming wars are being fought, and – for the first time – digital advertising is outspending traditional.

From a private equity standpoint, these transformational trends (along with the dichotomy between old and new mediums) have created an environment that’s ripe for acquisitions. Consolidations are commonplace – and so, too, are the complexities that come with them. Whether bolting on or carving out, media businesses are often faced with understaffed F&A teams and a lack of integration management experience. This is where we come in.

Where We Play

At Accordion, our team is well-versed in post-merger integration, carve-out support, and all of the financial nuances that stem from these transactions. Specifically: We increase visibility through streamlined reporting. We foster stronger decision-making through integrated systems. We ensure compliance through best-in-class implementation of accounting policies and procedures. You name it, we handle it. And when it comes to succeeding as a media company under institutional ownership, we’re the partner your management team needs to subscribe to. (Pun intended.)

Shaharyar Ahmed

The digital revolution has given rise to a myriad of M&A opportunities. And as investors race to consolidate assets, companies are faced with fragmented financial processes, disparate systems, a lack of visibility, and limited bandwidth to properly integrate acquired entities. This is where Accordion can help.”

Shaharyar Ahmed
Managing Director, Accordion
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