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What We Do: Measure, Manage, Scale.

As the go-to-partner to the private equity community, our consultants thrive at the intersection of sponsors and management teams – helping them measure, manage, and scale their businesses. Rooted in a heritage of serving the office of the CFO, we leverage an execution-oriented approach to maximize value. Here’s how:

  • We Measure.

    At the core of our work, we ensure clients have access to the clean data and integrated systems required to meaningfully inform insights and produce reports in a timely manner.

  • We Manage.

    From data collection to data analysis, we transform insights into action – empowering our clients to make strategic business decisions that create, and stabilize value.

  • We Scale.

    Working alongside clients, we utilize the right value levers to help them transform their businesses in order to achieve accelerated growth and optimal returns in a PE-backed environment.

Rodney Cohen

The Accordion folks are very user friendly. They understand our business and our business model. They bring a diverse set of skills to the table, and they really know how to bring the right skills. They’re there to execute, and they’re very very good at doing that. They want to be held accountable for what they do.”

Rodney Cohen
Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

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