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Carve-Out Planning & Execution

Accordion's Approach to Carve-Outs

At Accordion, we harness our exclusive focus on private equity to guide sponsors and their management teams through the carve-out lifecycle.


Unlike your typical consultants, we don’t just spearhead strategy (though we do that quite well). We’re known for having our sleeves perpetually rolled up – working alongside PE sponsors and management teams to plan and execute carve-out acquisitions through diligence, signing, closing, and TSA exit. Here’s how:


Our eyes are always on value – and to get the most value out of the business, we start early. By identifying risks, vetting standalone/one-time costs, and advising on the TSA, our team will help optimize the purchase price.


You name it, we handle it. From directing all functional workstreams through management of the SMO; to owning the finance and IT lanes; to operationalizing the TSA; our work allows management to focus on the business itself.


It’s one thing to stand up a back office; it’s another to do it quickly and thoroughly. We design and execute operating models to stand up the business’ overhead functions – all while preventing disruption to operations.


Adjusting to institutional ownership can be tricky; our team makes it easier. By providing unrivaled finance, accounting, and IT expertise, we drive value-creating initiatives that help sponsors realize their investment thesis.

Been there, carved that.

Been there, carved that.

When it comes to carve-outs, our people have been around the block. From buy-side to sell-side, we’ve held interim management positions and led Separation Management Offices and functional departments – not only as advisors, but also as operators within transacting portfolio companies. Channeling this deep M&A expertise, along with our finance and accounting prowess, we’ve successfully led the following carve-outs (among others).

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