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CRO/Restructuring Advisory

Restructuring Experts

We work with companies, creditors, and other stakeholders in distressed situations, serving as CRO or restructuring and financial advisors, to address core liquidity and working capital issues quickly and to accelerate negotiations with existing creditors, new capital providers, and attorneys and other advisors.

Building a Better Business Plan

Our team helps companies develop and better focus their strategic, business, and operational plans to strengthen core capabilities, develop new channels of growth, and improve business performance.

Navigating Bankruptcy

We leverage our network, credibility, and experience to successfully collaborate with all constituents to obtain the relief available through statutory provisions of the Bankruptcy Code.

Driving Transactional Value

Our experts identify acquisition targets, flag growth opportunities, and then develop and implement the detailed integration plans and initiatives that drive synergies and ensure value creation targets are realized.

Winding Down

We also assist companies in the sale or wind-down of non-core or underperforming business units impacting business performance.

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