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Prognosis: Change

Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry. Constant shifts are the norm, as the sector continues to experience regulatory uncertainty, payer/provider convergence, and an increased focus on transparency. These shifts have contributed to, and sit alongside, a new driver of healthcare transformation: consumer behavior. Patients are becoming active consumers who wish to ‘purchase’ treatment as they would retail goods. They seek pricing transparency, provider reviews, and a better experience (all while the industry continues to seek a better bottom-line).

The market forces driving change, consumerization and cost control, are driving another equally important trend: consolidation. It is the ongoing consolidation of a fragmented industry that sits at the intersection of healthcare and private equity, driving increased investment activity in the sector.

Where We Play

Our prognosis for the future of healthcare? Change, change, and more change. At Accordion, we help sponsors and their portfolio companies operationalize value creation initiatives that leverage sector change. For the entire life-cycle of a transaction – from deal execution, to post-close initiatives, to the development of FP&A practices – we drive ongoing financial and operational improvements at companies that are leading the transformation of the healthcare industry.

Sarah Bailey

The rapidly changing and highly regulated nature of the healthcare industry, combined with innovation and growth, necessitates an experienced partner to help drive value creation.”

Sarah Bailey
Managing Director, Accordion
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