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Case Study

Preparing for Sale & Enhancing Visibility

Team Size
2 Directors, 1 Vice President
Project Duration
4.5 weeks

The Situation

A PE owned cold chain packaging solutions provider to global biopharmaceutical companies required support in a sales process. The Sponsor engaged Accordion to take a leadership role in the process and assist their lean FP&A team with a cohesive investor presentation along with a comprehensive data room for use in the due diligence process. Additionally, our team was tasked with enhancing the financial and operational visibility of this $70mm revenue company.


Sell-Side Readiness

Stakeholder Reporting & Strategic KPI Enhancement

Actionable Business Analytics

The Execution

  • Collected, analyzed, and organized the historical performance of the business and facilitated the creation of data room supporting analyses, including:
    • Monthly financial trending (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, capex, and working capital)
    • Business segment trending i.e., revenue (price, volume) and gross margin by contract type, product family, customer, and geography
    • Business model review (unit rental economics, revenue visibility, SG&A composition, and trendline)
    • Key operational metrics (fleet utilization, manufacturing capacity utilization, logistics, customer retention, satisfaction, complaint resolution, etc.)
  • Remapped historical financial information on the same basis as projections.
  • Addressed outstanding information and reporting gaps identified by the selling Sponsor during its due diligence to not only assist in the sale process, but also enhance financial and operational visibility on an ongoing basis.
  • Leveraged our experience with sell-side engagements to determine any gaps in information and operating and financial metrics.

The Results

Understanding the Sponsor’s recommendations, Accordion was able to scale the Company’s analytical capacity rapidly, which enabled an accelerated sales preparation process. To craft a compelling equity story that highlighted the Company’s unique and defensible market position, our team prepared an investor presentation, data room files & analysis, and a detailed financial model. As a result, it was an efficient sale process for the Sponsor and management at a favorable valuation to a top-tier investor.