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Case Study

Integrating Multiple Businesses Successfully

Team Size
1 Managing Director, 2 Vice Presidents, 1 Analyst
Project Duration
8 weeks, Phase 1
12 weeks, Phase 2 ERP

The Situation

A private equity-backed healthcare services business had been formed through the merger of three primary businesses and needed to be integrated with a particular focus on the finance & accounting processes and systems. During the integration execution, a fourth business was acquired and needed to be integrated in a similar fashion.


Merger Integration Planning & Execution

Stakeholder Reporting & Strategic KPI Enhancement

Project Management Oversight

The Execution

  • Worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the management team and the sponsor’s deal and operating teams to create a master integration plan for all three businesses (at first) with the following key focus areas:
    • Consolidation of financial reporting on a monthly basis for management, lenders and the Board.
    • A consolidated budget which incorporated each business and ensured integration efforts and costs would be reflected, with the flexibility to add subsequent acquisitions into the model.
    • Opening balance sheet and new working capital adjustments for each of the four acquisitions.
    • New revenue recognition accounting standard early adoption (ASC606) analysis, planning, and execution.
    • ERP and CRM system selection and project management across all four businesses.
    • Adjustment in integration plans for the acquisition of a fourth business.
    • Harmonized finance, accounting, and treasury processes and policies for the combined business.

The Results

Our Accordion team was able to provide the Company and sponsor with a comprehensive integration management solution, which allowed the management team to focus on driving growth in the business. We operated in a modular fashion, allowing the easy scaling up and down based on needs; we were able to scale up immediately when the fourth business was acquired, and scale down as integration efforts completed. The result was the successful integration of the finance & accounting functions for the combined business.

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