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Case Study

Preparing Company for Near-Term Exit

Team Size
1 Director, 1 Vice President, 1 Associate
Project Duration
5 weeks

The Situation

A $140 million revenue healthcare staffing company experienced significant growth via the introduction of a pioneering premium rapid-response model to the market. The Company’s prominent PE sponsor was targeting a near-term exit plan given strong P&L performance, healthy valuation multiples, and aggressive financing capacity. The Company possessed two distinct offerings with different customer trends and cash flow characteristics. Consequently, the Sponsor was focused on strategically re-positioning the Company around a core value proposition to garner a premium valuation. Accordion was engaged to help drive this important effort.


Sell-Side Readiness

Big Data Analytics

Value Creation Drivers

The Execution

  • Developed a comprehensive workplan and worked hand-in-hand with management and the FP&A team to drive a streamlined preparatory process including:
    • Reviewing, analyzing, and aggregating all relevant financial and operating metric outputs for the data room.
    • Analyzing overhead allocation and projection methodologies to ensure defendable internal processes underpinning the strategic re-positioning.
    • Understanding and presenting trends that validated historical and future growth themes through collaborative analyses and management discussions.
  • Deployed former private equity consultants who brought to bear a “buyer’s perspective” in strategically positioning the Company’s equity story, while preparing management for the transaction process:
    • Synthesis and dynamic presentation of key metrics and trends beyond simple system outputs.
    • Drill-down of non-financial datasets to highlight key company differentiators and entry barriers.
    • Buyer’s question list to highlight hot-button topics and prepare management for transaction marketing.
  • Maintained and transitioned a full set of working files for the Company and advisors to dynamically update throughout the transaction process.

The Results

With direct PE experience, Accordion stepped into the “Sponsor’s shoes” to drive an efficient process with minimal demands on the Sponsor’s time. Our team quickly drilled-down, identified, and synthesized key KPI contributors to the overall transaction story from the Company’s wealth of data. As a result, the Company and Sponsor were well-equipped to launch a formal transaction process within their original aggressive timeline.