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Press Release  |  03/29/2022  |  Accordion

Accordion Unifies Recently Acquired Brands and Expands Practice Areas

Mackinac Partners and Platform Specialists to Consolidate Under Accordion Brand

Firm Formally Introduces CFO-Driven Transformation and IPO Readiness Practices

Jim Weissenborn, President, Turnaround & Restructuring

NEW YORK – March 28, 2022 – Accordion, a private equity-focused financial and technology consulting firm, today announced that it will formally consolidate its acquisition of Mackinac Partners, a financial advisory, restructuring, and operational turnaround firm, under the Accordion brand umbrella. Effective April 1, 2022, Mackinac will transition into Accordion’s Turnaround & Restructuring practice, led by Jim Weissenborn, the founder of Mackinac who has more than 35 years of restructuring and operating experience.

Accordion’s Turnaround & Restructuring practice is trusted by companies and their stakeholders to help address key challenges, improve business performance, and enhance value. The team is dedicated to helping companies move quickly in challenged situations. Comprised of seasoned experts with C-level and interim experience, the Accordion team has deep experience in financial and operational distress, liquidity, and working capital management. The team focuses on a results-oriented, hands-on approach to restructurings, turnarounds, and performance improvement initiatives.

In addition, effective June 1, 2022, the recently acquired Platform Specialists team will be integrated into Accordion’s new CFO Technology practice, led by Mike Cochran, a managing director with more than 25 years of experience delivering transformational financial solutions through the enablement of technology. Accordion’s CFO Technology practice works cross-functionally, alongside practitioners from all corners of the firm, to arm CFOs with the appropriate digital solutions needed to implement business process recommendations and capitalize on value creation opportunities. From ERP, to CPM, to Analytics (and everything in between), the practice provides finance leaders with a single, objective partner capable of delivering digital enablement from strategy to execution.

Nick Leopard, CEO & Founder

Accordion has grown tremendously over the last few years,” said Nick Leopard, CEO, Accordion.

“Our brand now has enormous equity as the unrivaled consulting leader in the PE space and the go-to partner for CFO-driven digital enablement. Formally integrating our recent acquisitions into Accordion underscores that brand equity and represents another step forward in our accelerated growth trajectory. And the introduction of new practice areas and leaders highlights our ability to partner with sponsors and portfolio company management at every possible stage of the investment lifecycle.

Beyond the formal integration of both Mackinac and Platform Specialists, Accordion has expanded its service offerings to include CFO-Driven Transformation and Public Company Readiness. The CFO-Driven Transformation practice, led by managing directors Junaid Samnani and Sanjay Purohit, helps empower CFOs to become true agents of finance-led, enterprise-wide transformation. From digitization initiatives to modernizing finance processes to leveraging data, analytics, and insights that unlock hidden value and improve profitability, Accordion’s CFO-Driven Transformation practice enables CFOs to identify opportunities that drive and elevate performance.

Accordion has also formalized its Public Company Readiness practice, led by managing director Shauna Watson, a CPA with nearly three decades of experience. This practice works hand-in-hand with private company CFOs, providing the strategic counsel, financial modeling, and tactical execution to ensure effective public market entry and ongoing success. Comprised of experts experienced in working both sides of IPO/SPAC transactions, Public Company Readiness leads all aspects of planning and delivers hands-on execution to ensure CFOs are prepared to lead their organization into the public environment.

Concluded Leopard: “We pioneered PE consulting for the office of the CFO. Now, our services span the entire function within the private capital sector. What excites me most about our growth is that it allows us to hire the best professionals and prove to the industry at large that there’s a better way to work in finance. I look forward to continuing our scaling efforts so that we can remain the unrivaled partner to our clients and the employer of choice to the most exceptional finance, operating, and fintech professionals everywhere.

About Accordion

Accordion is a private equity-focused financial and technology consulting firm. Working at the intersection of sponsors and management teams, Accordion partners with clients at every stage of the investment lifecycle. The firm’s services span the entire CFO function, including operational and technical accounting, strategic financial planning and analysis, CFO-driven transformation, CFO technology, transaction execution, public company readiness, interim leadership, and turnaround and restructuring – across the broader private capital sector. With a focus on hands-on, results-oriented execution, Accordion is widely recognized as the go-to PE consultancy and the premier digital-enablement partner for portfolio CFOs. In addition, Accordion has been recognized as an employer of choice for pioneering a better way to work in finance. Accordion has a total of 9 offices including its headquarters in New York and locations in Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and South Florida.