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Report / Whitepaper  |  01/12/2022  |  Accordion

2021 Survey Report: The State of the PE Sponsor-CFO Relationship

Measuring, Managing, and Scaling the PE-Backed Business

It’s been two years: two years since Accordion published its first survey report on The State of the PE Sponsor-CFO Relationship, and two years since the world embarked on a period of massive disruption. That disruption (and subsequent economic uncertainty) has forced private equity firms to reassess their portfolios and reevaluate the role of the CFO in driving growth and value creation within their portfolio companies.

This report, therefore, takes a fresh look at the responsibilities of the PE-backed CFO function and the sponsor-finance dynamic across three critical dimensions. It examines how PE-backed CFOs:

  • Measure the Business: Collect clean data to inform insights
  • Manage the Business: Turn clean data into analysis and then into insights to make informed business decisions
  • Scale the Business: Utilize value levers to help the business transform to achieve strong growth and returns in a PE-backed environment

In doing so, this report examines PE firms’ perception of their CFOs across each dimension of their role and across multiple areas of sponsor-CFO misalignment. As noted in our last report, instead of viewing this misalignment as an alarming headline, we view it as helpful intel that can be used in service of CFO-sponsor expectations, communication, collaboration, and, ultimately, investment success.

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Key Contacts

Nick Leopard
Nick Leopard
CEO & Founder

Nick is the CEO & Founder of Accordion, a private equity-focused financial and technology consulting firm. Since founding Accordion in 2009, Nick has grown the company to serve more than 300 of the world’s premier private equity firms and their portfolio companies – providing services that span the entire CFO function.  Read more

Atul Aggarwal
Atul Aggarwal

Atul became the President of Accordion in 2019. He joined Accordion from Bain & Company, where he was a Partner in the New York office. During his 20-year career at Bain, Atul worked for both corporate and Private Equity clients.   Read more