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Pamela Stern: The Big Four Reasons I Joined Accordion

The Big 4 Reasons I Joined Accordion

With nearly two decades of experience at big four (Deloitte), private equity (KKR), and public & privately held companies (most recently Refinery29), Pamela Stern is proud to be part of the Accordion team. These are her big four reasons for joining:

Pamela Stern is Accordion’s Head of Financial Accounting Advisory Services.

Work-life Integration

Accordion is a firm that values your personal time. Unlike traditional finance roles, you’re able to manage client expectations in a way that accommodates your family, friends and commitments outside of work. That’s not to say we don’t work hard – Accordion is filled with some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met – but we also work smart. It’s less about putting in long hours at the office and more about getting the work done right. As a mother of 3 young kids, this is an aspect of our culture that I truly appreciate.

“Accordion is a firm that values your personal time. Unlike traditional finance roles, you’re able to be in control of your life.”

The People

The level of talent at Accordion blows me away daily. It’s amazing to work alongside true thought leaders in the PE industry – and everyone is incredibly giving with their knowledge and time. There’s a definite motto that “knowledge is meant to be shared” which makes it an ideal place to learn new skills and further your career.

Entrepreneurial Energy

Accordion is the perfect hybrid between a well-established firm and a fun, fast-growing startup. As we continue to expand geographically and across practice areas, all team members are encouraged to take a seat at the table – to pave our own path and make our mark on Accordion’s future. This creates an electric atmosphere that is fun and exciting to be part of.

The “Doer” Mentality

Financial consultants have a reputation for being theorists, not practitioners. Accordion is the exact opposite. Clients come to us because we think outside of the box in a non-prescriptive way. Every engagement is approached uniquely – but always with a problem-solving attitude. I like that we are the doers who get the job done.