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There's a better way to work in finance.

Maybe it’s the excitement of a high-growth company. Maybe it’s the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading private equity firms and management teams. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to stretch and grow – to see new things and apply past experiences in an entirely new environment. Regardless of the ‘why,’ people genuinely like working here. We’ve found that success comes as we empower our people and then get out of their way as they flex their entrepreneurial muscles. For those ready to be liberated from traditional finance roles and make their mark on a fast-growing consulting and technology firm, this could be home.

Break away from the "typical" role.

Accordion is more than a consulting firm. It's home to a rare breed of finance professionals – people with backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, operational & technical accounting, transaction execution, and performance improvement. Together, we work as practitioners (not theorists) to empower PE-backed CFOs across their entire function.

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Make your mark.

As a member of the Accordion team, you're a part of our growth story. Whether a consultant, technologist, or part of business operations, we're counting on you to put your fingerprint on the firm's future.

Embrace change.

Our culture is a hybrid between a well-established firm and a fast-growing startup. As we continue to expand geographically and across practice areas, we’re seeking teammates who thrive in a grey space.

Stay curious.

We’re not just looking for executors. What differentiates us is an innate sense of curiosity and a belief that one never stops learning. If your desire to learn is as strong as your skills, you've met your match.

Less ego, more go.

Humility and kindness go a long way at Accordion. No one is superior, and everyone has a seat at the table as we rally behind our shared, long-term goals. This is a place to learn and grow with one another.

Current Opportunities

    PLEASE NOTE: Accordion has been impacted by an employment scam and phishing attempt. We are currently pursuing legal action. If you’ve received a suspicious email, phone call, or text message regarding an Accordion employment opportunity, please contact