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Master Anaplanner Managed Services

Top experts available to manage and improve your Anaplan ecosystem, while you focus on your business.

  • Supplement and grow your internal team capability with supporting expertise
  • Tackle backlogs of solution enhancements without a costly, full-time project effort
  • Pick up the phone and call on team of experts to help resolve systems issues or to plan for future projects

How Our Anaplan Managed Services Works

  • We provide a support team of the highest quality consultants who have both a deep functional and technical background as well as experience across various industries. You’ll always have direct access to a Master Anaplanner and Solutions Architect.
  • In close partnership with your resources, we will support and improve your Anaplan system as changes occur in your business and the surrounding environment.

Common Activities

Model Cleanup

Reduce size using best practices while improving sustainability and auditability.

Gut Check

Audit overall health and fix any calculations that may not be working properly.

Maintenance & Automation

Improve integrations as business changes occur and ensure maintenance like calendar updates, data load process upkeep, and user setup happens.

Custom Built POCs

Gain the benefits of connected planning by exploring additional areas throughout the business that can be improved with Anaplan.

Benefits of Leveraging Accordion's Anaplan Experts

  • Reduced rates - keep systems running smoothly at lower cost versus normal project

  • Industry insight - tap our expertise to better understand how other companies utilize Anaplan

  • Improved Anaplan ROI - optimize Anaplan usage and effectiveness by leveraging our team

  • Increased coverage - supplement internal team and create a larger knowledge base

  • Expanded in-house knowledge - as users interact and train with Anaplan experts

Meet (Some of) Accordion's Anaplan Experts

Nick Mascia
Nick Mascia
Director | Master Anaplanner

Nick is a Director with close to a decade of FP&A planning and system implementation experience for companies across various industries and sectors. As a certified Master Anaplanner, he specializes in delivering end-to-end Anaplan implementations for planning and modelling needs that fall under the umbrella of the CFO's team.  Read more

Joe McLoughlin
Joe McLoughlin
Director | Master Anaplanner

Joe is a Director with more than four years of financial planning and forecasting implementation experience with Anaplan. His expertise includes leading Anaplan projects for a wide variety of clients ranging from publicly traded Fortune 500 organizations to private equity-backed companies.  Read more

Rebecca Pfender
Rebecca Pfender
Solution Lead | Master Anaplanner

Rebecca is a Solution Lead with nearly seven years of experience in system implementation and project management. As a certified Anaplan Solution Architect, certified Master Anaplanner, and Scrum Master, Rebecca has worked with clients spanning from Fortune 500 to smaller private companies.  Read more

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