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Anaplan Accelerator: Gross to Net Chargeback Forecasting & Analytics

Accordion’s Gross to Net Chargeback Forecasting & Analytics Anaplan Accelerator is an automated chargeback modeling solution that streamlines the gross-to-net planning process, including: unit trending, calculating distributor fees, returns, and rebates, along with full chargeback and gross-to-net analytics.

Plan & Analyze Chargebacks & Unit Forecasts

  • Set distributor and customer pricing, and trend based on historical sales with adjustments by brand
  • Update the plan with monthly unit adjustments
  • Estimate chargebacks as a percent of sales by distributor and customer
  • Utilize what-if modeling to understand the chargeback impact of potential price or contract changes

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Calculate & Forecast Distributor Fees, Returns, & Rebates

  • Apply distributor or distributor group fee percentages to calculate the P&L impact
  • Plan distributor returns and rebates by brand or SKU to provide a detailed understanding of additional Gross to Net lines
  • Compare and analyze costs by distributor, product, brand, and customer

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Analyze Full Gross to Net Sales

  • Review the impact of chargebacks down to the SKU level
  • Incorporate distributor fees, returns, and rebates into the plan to provide a full view of gross to net sales
  • Evaluate the variances between distributor and customer pricing to drive better decision making

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Accordion's Anaplan Solution Accelerators

In addition to the “Gross to Net Chargeback Forecasting & Analytics” accelerator featured above, Accordion offers a variety of “Anaplan Accelerators” prebuilt to expedite your deployment process, improve ROI, and reduce implementation risk. Explore them:

Accelerated P&L Planning (APP)

A fully built P&L planning solution based on best practices: driver-based forecasts, historical trending, insightful analytics, and comparative reporting.

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Financial Consolidations & Analytics (FC&A)

A fully built financial consolidations solution based on best practices: aggregation, intercompany eliminations, cash flow reporting, non-standard ownership, journal entries, insightful analytics, and flexible FX.

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Hospitality Management

An Anaplan solution tailored for the management and analysis of hospitality industry planning, including: key metric analysis, occupancy rate and price forecast, and P&L reporting.

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Enterprise Compensation Planning

A dynamic workforce planning and management solution for both top-down and bottom-up planning including: driver-based forecasting, what-if scenario planning, and employee compensation management.

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Real Estate Management & Forecasting

An Anaplan solution built for businesses in the real estate sector, including: a high level summary dashboard, detailed key metric analysis, property management, depreciation scheduling, and more.

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Capital Asset Management

An Anaplan solution for in-depth asset management for businesses in any sector, including: a high-level summary dashboard, full capital asset planning, detailed expense breakdowns, depreciation scheduling by asset, financing analysis, and more.

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Telecom Planning & Analytics

A fully built P&L planning solution tailored to the telecom industry, including: subscriber forecasting, ARPU analytics and what if analysis, driver-based telecom expense planning, workforce comp planning, and fully featured comparative reporting.

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Title (Publisher) Planning

A title planning solution custom built for the publishing industry, including: gross-to-net ISBN and title series forecasting, historical unit trending, royalty calculations, and full P&L reporting.

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SaaS Revenue Modeling

An Anaplan solution built for SaaS businesses to easily source CRM data and drive real-time forecasting, including: CRM Integration, opportunity management, renewal management, and ad conversion forecast pipeline summary.

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Meet (Some of) Accordion's Anaplan Experts

Andrew Fahy
Andrew Fahy
Senior Director

Andrew is a Senior Director with over 10 years of finance and consulting experience. Bringing a strong financial background to CPM consulting, he has experience leading large-scale projects for global organizations across consolidations, forecasting & planning, data integration, and analytics. This breadth of experience helps Andrew understand how the various finance functions can fit and work together across a company’s CPM applications to ensure a cohesive solution.  Read more

Eddie Fugelsang
Eddie Fugelsang

Eddie is a Director with nearly 15 years of experience designing, developing, and connecting financial systems that power businesses of all sizes. Throughout his career, he has utilized his techno-functional skillset to implement numerous solutions for financial planning and consolidations across multiple industries, including telecommunications, medical/hospitals, consumer products, and more.  Read more

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