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Anaplan Accelerator: Capital Asset Management

Accordion’s Capital Asset Management Anaplan Accelerator is an Anaplan solution for in-depth asset management for businesses in any sector, including: a high-level summary dashboard, full capital asset planning, detailed expense breakdowns, depreciation scheduling by asset, financing analysis, and more.

Gain Immediate Insight into Capital Assets at a Glance

  • Tailor dashboards to review capital expenditures by asset category
  • Examine the impact of assets to the P&L by business unit over time
  • Customize easily digestible graphics that showcase key information
  • Quickly shift to detailed dashboards that control various aspects of capital asset management

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Easily Create Assets and Manage their Details

  • New capital assets can be added by category, distinguishing between purchased or leased
  • Detailed attributes allow management at the individual asset level including unit cost, purchase dates, assigned department, etc.
  • Review the total asset count by category or department
  • Plan, track, and analyze asset retirements or transfers within company

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Quickly Plan and Analyze Capital Asset Expenses

  • Forecast maintenance costs, insurance, and taxes using drivers entered by asset category
  • Analyze expense forecasts from the individual asset level all the way up to total company over time
  • For more granular planning, enter adjustments by asset on a monthly basis if needed
  • Visualize the plan through easily understandable graphics that paint a clear picture of the expense breakdown

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Track and Analyze Depreciation for All Capital Assets

  • Analyze depreciation at a total level, by asset category over time
  • Drill down for granular management of individual asset depreciation:
    • Change the depreciation method used
    • Review the book value, depreciation expense, and accumulated depreciation over time
  • Easily track and compare asset depreciation by category throughout the year with impactful graphics

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Effortlessly Manage Asset Financing

  • For assets that require a loan, simply enter the amount to be financed and the loan details such as rate and length
  • Evaluate the financing schedule by individual loan or total company to see the breakdown of loan details
  • If needed, make adjustments for down payments or other planned payments
  • Use graphics quickly understand key data, such as total loan payments and the breakdown between principal and interest payments

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Accordion's Anaplan Solution Accelerators

In addition to the “Capital Asset Management” accelerator featured above, Accordion offers a variety of “Anaplan Accelerators” prebuilt to expedite your deployment process, improve ROI, and reduce implementation risk. Explore them:

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A fully built P&L planning solution based on best practices: driver-based forecasts, historical trending, insightful analytics, and comparative reporting.

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Financial Consolidations & Analytics (FC&A)

A fully built financial consolidations solution based on best practices: aggregation, intercompany eliminations, cash flow reporting, non-standard ownership, journal entries, insightful analytics, and flexible FX.

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Hospitality Management

An Anaplan solution tailored for the management and analysis of hospitality industry planning, including: key metric analysis, occupancy rate and price forecast, and P&L reporting.

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Enterprise Compensation Planning

A dynamic workforce planning and management solution for both top-down and bottom-up planning including: driver-based forecasting, what-if scenario planning, and employee compensation management.

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Gross-to-Net Chargeback Forecasting & Analytics

An automated chargeback modeling solution that streamlines the gross-to-net planning process, including: unit trending, calculating distributor fees, returns, and rebates, along with full chargeback and gross-to-net analytics.

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Real Estate Management & Forecasting

An Anaplan solution built for businesses in the real estate sector, including: a high level summary dashboard, detailed key metric analysis, property management, depreciation scheduling, and more.

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Telecom Planning & Analytics

A fully built P&L planning solution tailored to the telecom industry, including: subscriber forecasting, ARPU analytics and what if analysis, driver-based telecom expense planning, workforce comp planning, and fully featured comparative reporting.

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Title (Publisher) Planning

A title planning solution custom built for the publishing industry, including: gross-to-net ISBN and title series forecasting, historical unit trending, royalty calculations, and full P&L reporting.

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SaaS Revenue Modeling

An Anaplan solution built for SaaS businesses to easily source CRM data and drive real-time forecasting, including: CRM Integration, opportunity management, renewal management, and ad conversion forecast pipeline summary.

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Meet (Some of) Accordion's Anaplan Experts

Nick Mascia
Nick Mascia
Director | Master Anaplanner

Nick is a Director with close to a decade of FP&A planning and system implementation experience for companies across various industries and sectors. As a certified Master Anaplanner, he specializes in delivering end-to-end Anaplan implementations for planning and modelling needs that fall under the umbrella of the CFO's team.  Read more

Rebecca Pfender
Rebecca Pfender
Solution Lead | Master Anaplanner

Rebecca is a Solution Lead with nearly seven years of experience in system implementation and project management. As a certified Anaplan Solution Architect, certified Master Anaplanner, and Scrum Master, Rebecca has worked with clients spanning from Fortune 500 to smaller private companies.  Read more

Wilson Dang
Wilson Dang
Senior Consultant

Wilson is a Senior Consultant with five years of experience in traditional FP&A, working in investment banking, consumer banking, and private wealth. His experience in Corporate Performance Management includes working within fields such as consulting staffing, telecom, and marketing.  Read more

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