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Thomas Emmons

Global Chief Technology Officer
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Thomas Emmons

As Accordion’s Global Chief Technology Officer, Thomas oversees the technological heartbeat of Accordion, charting a visionary course for innovation and excellence. With a career marked by over a decade of transformative leadership, Thomas is responsible for the Accordion’s technology strategy. Thomas’s role is multi-faceted, encompassing the orchestration of cutting-edge solutions, the optimization of IT operations, and the strategic alignment of technology with Accordion’s business objectives. His ability to navigate complex IT landscapes, coupled with his dedication to staying at the forefront of technological trends, positions him as a partner to business value and growth. Under Thomas’s stewardship, Accordion Partners will continue to leverage the power of technology to enhance its global operations and deliver unmatched value to clients.

As Chief Data Officer, Thomas oversees the invaluable currency of Accordion Partners—its data. With a career spanning more than a decade in the realm of data strategy and management, he plays a pivotal role in shaping how the organization leverages its vast data resources. Thomas’s responsibilities extend to crafting and implementing data-driven strategies that not only unlock insights but also drive informed decision-making. His visionary leadership ensures that Accordion Partners remains at the forefront of data management best practices, orchestrating the collection, storage, analysis, and protection of data assets with meticulous precision. Under Thomas’s guidance, data becomes a strategic asset, fueling innovation, enhancing client experiences, and fortifying the foundation of Accordion’s continued growth and success.

Prior to Accordion, Thomas served in technology executive roles such as the Chief Information Officer for SunEdison, Virence Health, and Ankura Consulting. Thomas also served as the Technology Advisor to the Board of Directors to companies such as Payless Shoe Store. He has also served as a member of the Board of Education for one of the largest public-school districts in the State of Missouri where he worked closely with State leadership to draft legislation aimed at protecting children. Thomas graduated from Berry College in Rome, GA where he earned a degree in Computer Science and now lives in Orlando, FL with his wife, Crystal, and their five children. Thomas is fierce advocate of technology enablement, with a visionary commitment to shaping a better future, especially for children, by harnessing the transformational power of innovation to bridge educational disparities and offer young minds the opportunities promised.

"The future ain’t what it use to be."

Something You Should Know

  • When not at work you will find him traveling from athletic field to athletic field supporting his 5 children in active in travel sports.
  • If not traveling, you may find Thomas competing distance running as he has completed nearly 50 full and half marathons.


  • Former member of the Board of Education of one of Missouri’s largest public-school districts.
  • Worked with State Legislators to develop multiple bills focused on support and defending children in school