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Isaac is an Analyst with four years of experience in financial analysis, due diligence, financial modeling, entity valuations, complex data analytics, market research, restructuring and bankruptcy analysis and support, revenue modeling, and dispute-based financial analysis.

Isaac recently served as a financial advisor to a pharmaceutical company preparing for a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Petition. Isaac developed a historical trial balance summary consolidating multiple accounts over a two-year period. He also developed monthly expense schedules and LTM summaries in order to determine expenses and disbursements to critical vendors.

Isaac also recently helped determine compensatory damages and revenues lost for a copyright infringement claim. Isaac analyzed and mapped artist track and album revenues to determine financial damages and residual payments. He also created a damages analysis summary and lookup of pro-rated revenues and total lost revenues over time on a per artist and per work basis. He assisted in drafting the expert report and created exhibits to use in mediation proceedings.

Isaac analyzed and mapped core transaction data for an online auction portal involved in an SEC Inquiry to determine the timeline of cashflows and built schedules of deposits and withdrawals to better understand company liquidity and cashflows. He also developed an analysis framework and performed running transaction analyses to mitigate damages and risks.

In addition to this project, he also performed detailed analysis on class size determination for a TCPA Violation Class Action involving a healthcare company. Isaac used RStudio to analyze dataset of 20mm+ call records to evaluate instances of prior express consent and other class-breaking conditions of data. He created various waterfall analyses of different class definition scenarios to minimize class size with an end goal of minimizing damages in mediation. Isaac also assisted in drafting and preparing expert reports and testimony to use in the deposition and trial.

Prior to joining Accordion, Isaac served as an Associate in the Commercial Disputes and Economics Practice for Ankura Consulting Group in Los Angeles where he assisted in transaction and claims-based analysis, modeling and support. Isaac also previously served as a Finance and Operations Associate for Buena, where he performed corporate valuations, conducted market research, performed competitive analysis to create financial projections and sales strategies and created budgets and financial synopses for use with angel and VC investors.

Isaac earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in Methods and Models, and a minor in English, from the University of California, Los Angeles.

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” – Orson Welles

Something You Should Know

  • Moved to Nashville on a whim for a summer
  • Known to go on 16 mile hikes but refuses to walk more than 300 feet to the second-nearest grocery store


  • Volunteered as a counselor for Royal Family Kids Camp
  • Currently volunteers as a Youth Group Leader for Reality LA