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Article  |  07/25/2023  |  Catherine Leffert

Veteran Executive Joins Private Equity Consulting Firm, Discusses Strategy

As Seen in: Dallas Business Journal

By, Holden Wilen, Staff Writer, Dallas Business Journal

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This article was published in Dallas
Business Journal on July 25, 2023.

Mark Copeland, Accordion’s first ever Chief Commercial Officer, has growth on his mind.

Following 26 successful years at EY, Copeland made the leap to Accordion earlier this year, with a goal of “driving exceptional growth.” The strategy? To grow organically through adding new clients, expanding existing client relationships, and integrating tuck-in acquisitions.

With the amount of dry powder sitting in a market that is expected to triple over the next five years, Copeland is optimistic that growth rates will be exceptional.

See what else Copeland shared in this recent interview with Dallas Business Journal, including trends he is seeing in the private equity space, the growth opportunity for companies operating in Texas, and more.

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