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Talking Tech: Anaplan, A Tool Through Turbulence

Let’s Talk Tech.

Accordion’s “Talking Tech” series explores how different CFO Technology solutions can empower finance functions to support organizational strategic initiatives – by implementing business process recommendations, optimizing operations, and capitalizing on value creation opportunities.

Now, let’s take a look at all of the benefits of using Anaplan for connected planning.

The world as we know it is a very different place today than even 1 year ago. One example of impact that has trickle effect to everyone is the current Supply Chain Crisis. Goods and materials were once only limited by the sheer demand of our market. This is no longer the case, a chokehold placed on our supplies is one of the main volatilities that today’s industries must account for and work around. Anaplan is the modern tool that can ease the efforts of navigating everyday operations through its dynamic connected planning.

Anaplan offers the ability to solve a multitude of business issues. The options range from supply chain management to sales forecasting, to workforce planning and more. Even in the event that your organization is satisfied with its current supply chain management product, Anaplan is still able to enrich the rest of your processes.

What sets Anaplan apart is the ability to be dynamically woven into existing processes. We are able to consume the data that comes from your inventory management so that it can be leveraged in real time to your sales forecasting. This in turn provides you with more accurate forecasting which has been shown to reduce surplus inventory by as much as 15%. Another variable that we must consider is the workforce required to produce the expected goods to match our sales predictions. As the supply of goods fluctuate, Anaplan’s connected planning offers you the ability to make use of the real time sales forecast and transform that into workforce planning needs as well. Matching the workforce capacity accurately to the demand allows the organization to cut excess spending and redirect to areas that have a greater need.

In today’s world, accuracy, precision and the ability to act quickly are the tools that will set apart the organizations that thrive and those that just survive. Anaplan is here to provide those tools.

About the Author

Lorenzo DiSante
Lorenzo DiSante

Lorenzo is an Anaplan Implementation Consultant with over 5 years of financial reporting and analytical experience. His expertise is mostly centered in the banking industry, with additional experience working in auto industry consulting. Regardless of industry, Lorenzo is always laser-focused on meeting client needs.  Read more

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