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Talking Tech: Best Free Chrome Extensions for NetSuite

Let’s Talk Tech.

Accordion’s “Talking Tech” series explores how different CFO Technology solutions can empower finance functions to support organizational strategic initiatives – by implementing business process recommendations, optimizing operations, and capitalizing on value creation opportunities.

Now, let’s take a look at free Google Chrome Extensions for NetSuite we’ve found along our journey to help you along your NetSuite experience.

NetSuite Portlet Refresher

The NetSuite Portlet Refresher is a great tool that seamlessly refreshes portlets on NetSuites dashboard every time you land on the dashboard/home page. This app created by Jobin & Jismi is simple solution to a frustrating problem, no longer will you have to hit the refresh button on the portlet. Simply click the ‘Add to Chrome” button and enjoy!

Get NetSuite Portlet Refresher

NetSuite Advanced Field Help

The NetSuite Advanced Field Help tool is a must have on this list, especially for developers. This tool created by Marcel Pestana allows the user to see more details about the fields they are viewing. This includes the ability to see the current field value and internal ID of that field value. This includes select fields and allows you to see each option internal ID and value without having to navigate to the list or record to find the internal ID for that field or select option.

Get NetSuite Advanced Field Help

NetSuite Scripted Records

Are you tired of navigating all the way to the scripted records tab when you want to find out what scripts are causing an issue for a particular record? NetSuite Scripted Records is your answer! This great tool by Marcel Pestana shows any scripts that are deployed to the current record you are viewing. This is a huge time saver for any NetSuite user whether you want to debug a record as a developer or report a problem to a developer.

Get NetSuite Scripted Records

NetSuite Links

NetSuite Links is a great tool created by Vatsal Chauhan and allows you to quickly navigate through NetSuites help center links. This is great for both developers and admins. You can quickly get to the help center, view the different script types, view the records browser, and search Suite Answers all from the drop down Chrome Extension.

Get NetSuite Links

NetSuite: Show Field IDs

Tired of digging through a record to find internal IDs? This Chrome Extension developed by David Smith allows you to simply hover over any NetSuite field to view the internal ID. Shift+Click on a field will copy the Internal ID to your clipboard. Lastly, Ctrl+Shift+F will allow you to search a Record for a specific ID!

Try “NetSuite: Show Field IDs” Chrome Extension.


NetSuite: Search Export

The NetSuite Search Export is one of our favorite tools and we highly recommend taking advantage of it! This Google Chrome Extension developed by David Smith allows the user to export any saved search to SuiteScript 1.0 or SuiteScript 2.0. Simply create a Saved Search in NetSuite, save the search, open up the search in edit mode, then click ‘Export as Script’ in the top right corner.

Try “NetSuite: Search Export” Chrome Extension.

NetSuite: HTML Script Notes

This Google Chrome Extension developed by David Smith allows JSON Objects in the Execution Log to display in a hierarchical tree for easier readability. This extension automatically finds Key:Value pairs and color codes them accordingly. For extended functionality, HTML tags can be used in your script logs to improve readability.In our example, we created a simple dayJson object that contains a numerical map – days of the week then use nlapiLogExecution and JSON.stringify to display the Object in the Execution Logs.

After uploading and running the script in NetSuite you can see the results displayed within the Script Records Execution Logs.

Try “NetSuite: HTML Script Notes” Chrome Extension.

NetSuite Field Explorer

The NetSuite Field Explorer Google Chrome Extension developed by Michoel Chaikin, still in early beta, allows you easily view, search, and filter NetSuite Record Fields. Not only does this plugin show the record field IDs, but also shows the current field values as a JSON Object. For example, if you view a checkbox field that is checked, the value of that field will display as “T” for True. To use this extension, simply navigate to the record in NetSuite you want to view, then click the icon on the top right of your Google Chrome Browser.

Try “NetSuite Field Explorer” Chrome Extension

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Joe Son
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