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Press Release  |  02/20/2024  |  Company News

Accordion announces strategic acquisition of OperationsRx

Acquisition enhances firm’s operations transformation expertise, making Accordion the premier partner to support PE-backed CFOs across the full spectrum of value creation initiatives

NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 20, 2024 – Accordion, a private equity-focused financial and technology consulting firm, today announced that it has acquired operations and supply chain transformation advisory firm OperationsRx. The acquisition will deepen Accordion’s existing supply chain optimization services and will more broadly enhance the firm’s ability to help clients pull the types of operational levers that increase EBITDA. When combined with financial transformation, operational transformation exponentially accelerates value creation. Like Accordion, the OperationsRx team has deep experience working within the private equity space. This acquisition will, therefore, further cement Accordion as the holistic go-to-partner for PE-backed CFOs.

Nick Leopard, CEO & Founder, Accordion

“Our CFO clients know that in order to maximize value they need to do more than manage the financial foundation of the house, they must also be the one to drive efficiencies on the operational side of the house,” said Nick Leopard, CEO, Accordion. “Transformative CFOs are taking a more expansive role overseeing operations, but they need help. More specifically, they need partners with expertise at the intersection of operational and financial transformation. Accordion has always been that partner – this acquisition further reinforces our role.”

Added Junaid Samnani, Managing Director, and Co-Head of Accordion’s Transformation practice: “End-to-end supply chains represent anywhere from 40-80% of the costs to serve customers for companies in the consumer and industrial product sectors. As a result, transforming the supply chain by addressing spend, costs, manufacturing processes, and inventory management can result in meaningful increases to both profitability and cashflow.”

The combination of Accordion and OperationsRx’s expertise will provide clients with practitioners who take an end-to-end view of operations and understand the right EBITDA enhancement levers to pull across the entire value chain:

  1. Source: Strategic sourcing, procure to pay optimization, sourcing systems and emerging technology utilization, inventory planning strategy
  2. Plan: S&OP, demand and supply planning, production, inventory, capacity, and resource planning, ERP/systems strategy support.
  3. Make: Make vs. buy strategy, lean manufacturing, six sigma, strategic footprint design, total network cost optimization.
  4. Deliver: Distribution and logistics, distribution center optimization, network optimization, WMS and TMS systems support, total network cost efficiency.

The acquisition will add a roster of seasoned professionals to Accordion’s growing team of over 1200 finance, operations, and technology consultants. OperationsRx founder and CEO, Kevin Bernardini, will join Accordion as a Managing Director.

“This acquisition is not only the perfect fit for clients who want a singular resource to opportunistically enhance EBITDA, but it is a perfect fit for our teams as well,” said Bernardini. “Like Accordion, we have a team who has sat in the seats of our operational stakeholders. They provide high-level strategic advice, but they also dig in, roll up their sleeves, and do the work. The fusion of two companies focused on quick-turn, tangible results across the spectrum of operational and financial transformation is a win for both our people and our clients.”

About Accordion

Accordion is a private equity-focused financial and technology consulting firm. Rooted in a heritage of serving the office of the CFO, Accordion works at the intersection of sponsors and management teams to maximize value. The firm’s services span the entire CFO function – including operational and technical accounting, strategic financial planning and analysis, CFO-related technology, transaction execution, interim leadership, and turnaround & restructuring solutions. Across all of Accordion’s services, clients are supported by deep expertise in data & analytics, CFO-specific technology and finance-led transformations. Accordion is headquartered in New York with eleven offices around the globe.

About OperationsRx

OperationsRx is a management consulting firm specializing in EBITDA enhancement and working capital optimization. We are very accomplished at figuring out the fastest and most effective way to generate cash and improve overall operating results. Every company is different, and there is no single solution that works for every situation. What differentiates OperationsRx from other providers is that we take the time to understand your unique situation and work with your team to develop the best overall solutions to maximize results.

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