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Past Event  |  09/18/2023

Webinar: Optimizing a Dividend Recap in the Current Environment

Accordion & Configure Partners Present...

Optimizing a Dividend Recap in the Current Environment

Thinking about a dividend recapitalization? It might feel daunting… and without sufficient preparation, it can have a negative impact on your company’s financial health, long-term growth prospects, and more. That’s why we brought together Accordion’s Transaction Execution experts alongside Configure Partners to help you do dividend recaps right.

In this webinar, we discussed how sponsors can optimize returns on their value creation efforts – highlighting how to plan for a special dividend, how to get the most attractive financing terms, and how to effectively condense the transaction timeline.

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Webinar Topics Included:

Stepping Into Management’s Shoes

Preparing for the dividend with a lender’s lens and evaluating the criteria lenders employ in consideration of dividend recaps

Nailing Down the Building Blocks

Providing sponsors and senior management with the data, analysis, and MD&A required for lender diligence – allowing the finance team to remain focused on business operations

Bolstering the Credit Story

Effectively communicating the “low hanging” value creation initiatives that strengthen the credit narrative

Project-managing Diligence Efforts

Aiding management through initial and confirmatory diligence all the way to close

Identifying What to Expect in a Dividend Recap

Getting familiar with terms relative to new acquisition financing and what to expect in the process and timing of a dividend recap

Meet The Speakers:

Shaharyar Ahmed
Shaharyar Ahmed
Managing Director, Accordion

Shaharyar is a Managing Director in the Transaction Execution Services group with more than 15 years of experience in private equity investments and portfolio management in the U.S., Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. His expertise allows him to focus on transaction execution and operational value creation engagements across a variety of industries.  Read more

Steven Schweitzer
Steven Schweitzer
Managing Director, Accordion

Steven is a Managing Director with over 25 years of experience performing fundamental bottom-up credit analysis on corporations across a panoply of industries and managing multi-billion dollar fixed income portfolios of loans and bonds for clients including pension funds, endowments, foundations, pension funds, insurance companies, and mutual funds.  Read more

Joseph Weissglass
Joseph Weissglass
Managing Director, Configure Partners

Joseph joined Configure Partners from the Middle Market Special Situations practice at Guggenheim Securities, where he was a Vice President. Joseph has focused his career on providing advisory services to middle market companies as it relates to financings, mergers and acquisitions, and restructurings.  Read more