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Past Event  |  08/12/2021  |  Zoom Webinar

The ABCs of CPM: Essentials for Private Equity-Backed CFOs

Webinar Recap: Top Takeaways

Considering a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution? Unsure whether investing in a CPM solution will deliver a strong ROI?

At our recent webinar, we discussed how a CPM solution enables operational and financial transparency and, ultimately, drives value creation.

It’s a tale as old as time: Management teams that have historically leveraged Excel-based financial models struggle to meet the reporting and financial projection expectations required under sponsorship scrutiny. This is often remedied through a combination of business process improvements and the enablement of a purpose-built platform that supports financial/management reporting as well as strategic planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Given the dynamic nature of value creation, it’s critical that PE-backed CFOs have the ability to model and clearly articulate the financial effects associated with multiple scenarios (e.g. roll-ups, carve-outs, acquisitions, divestures, public offerings, etc.). This is difficult to accomplish in spreadsheets, but perfectly suited for a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution.

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Webinar Topics:

Defining CPM

What is CPM and why does this technology play an increasingly important role in the digital transformation journey?

Understanding CPM in the Context of PE

Why are portfolio companies uniquely positioned to benefit from tech-enabled financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting?

Determining the Value Prop of CPM

What does a transformation from an Excel-based environment to a CPM application entail? How can you determine whether the benefits outweigh the costs?

Exploring CPM Case Studies

How have companies added value through financial transparency? What does success look like?

Diving into a Demo

What does a CPM platform look like in action?

Top Takeaways: Webinar Recap

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Meet The Speakers:

Mike Cochran
Mike Cochran
Head of CFO Technology Services, Accordion

With more than 25 years of experience delivering transformational financial solutions through the enablement of technology, Mike is a Managing Director and Head of Accordion’s CFO Technology Services Practice.

Troy R. Anderson
Troy R. Anderson
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Universal Technical Institute

Troy R. Anderson joined Universal Technical Institute as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in September 2019. Troy has more than 25 years of experience in financial strategy and leadership and has held senior level roles with leading companies in the services and technology sectors.

Dave Collins
Dave Collins
Director, OneStream Software

Dave is the Director, Solutions Consulting at OneStream Software: a market-leading intelligent finance platform that reduces the complexity of financial operations. Dave is a dynamic results-oriented thought leader with an extensive history of challenging the status quo to drive new business ideas.