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Case Study

Improving Supply Chain Visibility & Tracking for Construction Projects

Team Size
1 Senior Director, 1 Director
Project Duration
15 weeks

The Situation

A construction division of a large conglomerate was leveraging an Excel-driven process to analyze and staff construction projects, rendering the process very manual, time-consuming, and lacking the necessary information to effectively manage projects. Because Anaplan was already in use in other parts of the organization, the construction team wanted to implement the integrated solution to solve the many issues plaguing the Excel demand planning process.


Budgeting/Forecasting Solution Implementation

Reporting & Analytics

The Execution

  • Worked closely with the Company’s Finance team, divisional construction leaders, and their business partners to develop a comprehensive process to support construction crew needs for projects across the country.
  • Created a planning platform in Anaplan for construction planning teams to analyze and input project-level information to drive construction crew needs (enabled using visual dashboards and input grids).
  • Developed models in Anaplan for business partners to analyze job properties (size, geo location, type) and input crew information for planning teams to align on project needs (enabled using visual dashboards and input grids).
  • Collaborated with the IT team to develop integrations between a P2 source system and Anaplan to source construction project and job-level data.
  • Trained and enabled administrators and end users on how to best use and leverage the planning solution.

The Results

With Accordion’s assistance, the Company achieved its key objective of developing a self-service planning platform in Anaplan to collaborate across their divisions and business partners. Our team created an application with real-time data flows and interactive dashboard capabilities to streamline the demand planning process, provide quick and actionable data, and increase reporting capabilities.