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Case Study

Improving Reporting Process & Analytics

Team Size
1 Director, 1 Vice President
Project Duration
8 weeks

The Situation

A leading North American energy efficiency services company had recently been acquired by a global growth equity firm. The Company had achieved robust growth, both organically and through acquisition, and operated through regionally focused business units. To better manage growth and performance, the Company CFO and private equity sponsor identified a need to define and track a set of key performance metrics across various business units.


Stakeholder Reporting & Strategic KPI Enhancement

Actionable Business Analytics

Budgeting & Forecasting Process Improvement

The Execution

Our Accordion team developed an integrated platform of metrics to drive management priorities, pricing and profitability decisions, resource allocation, and top-line growth. Our process included the following:

  • Working with Company management during the initial discovery phase to quickly gain a detailed understanding of the strategic priorities and key management decisions, including optimal contract pricing and client segmentation.
  • Defining a set of financial and operational metrics such as kwh-savings, EBITDA/Hour and Probability Weighted Pipelines – which enabled management to measure progress and contribution from business units down to the individual client and program levels.
  • Analyzing the Company’s existing data systems and reporting capabilities to determine data availability and identifying/revising data collection processes to enhance data segmentation and business intelligence.
  • Constructing and implementing a comprehensive KPI metrics reporting platform with automated processes for data inputs and report generation, with the ability to drill down and link financial and operational drivers to Company performance.
  • Creating various custom reports such as Pipeline Go-Get and Revenue Bridges that enhanced the Company’s existing monthly financial reporting package and highlighted key actionable data points to management and investors.

The Results

By analyzing the Company’s operations at such a granular level and connecting detailed operational data to financial performance, the Company management and private equity sponsor derived significant time and cost benefits from the detailed metrics reports. A variety of actionable insights were also identified, including the need to standardize pricing and costing, gap analysis of top-line growth and labor pay standardization across business units.