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Case Study

Implementing KPIs & Developing Business Intelligence

Team Size
1 Managing Director, 1 Director, 1 Vice President
Project Duration
12 weeks

The Situation

A growing SaaS enterprise software company needed to completely revamp its monthly SaaS metrics reporting package and process for root cause analysis of key revenue and cost variance analysis. The management team and sponsor engaged Accordion to build a dynamic business intelligence tool that incorporated data feeds from all key operational and financial data sets. This BI platform needed to power board-level SaaS metrics while also providing a deep-dive diagnostic tool for the finance team to quickly and efficiently understand shifts in metrics and financial performance.


Stakeholder Reporting & KPI Development

BI Systems Selection & Setup

The Execution

  • Worked closely with the Company’s FP&A team to develop all required outputs and drill-down requirements for board and variance analysis.
  • Incorporated the Sponsor’s standard definitions for key SaaS metrics that were core to the monthly reporting package, enabling standardization and benchmarking with other portfolio companies.
  • Worked across all key functions within the company to develop a consolidating data model and connect it to the underlying data sources.
  • Developed board-level BI dashboards on top of the data model which update with minimal effort from the finance team.
  • Created a set of diagnostic tools that allowed the finance team to drill into any key component of the financial and operational data.

The Results

Accordion developed a monthly metrics module that was dynamic in nature, allowing the sponsor to select various time frames and drill downs to gain visibility into performance and KPIs. The unit economics were trended vs. both historical and budgeted figures – providing a framework for tuning sales and marketing investments to optimize for growth and ROI. This board module refreshed automatically once the monthly data was incorporated, dramatically reducing the manual effort required by the finance team and allowing them to focus on understanding and influencing key drivers of business performance.