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Case Study

Implementing a Data Management & Reporting Suite with DOMO

The Situation

A fast-growing U.S.-based CPG brand needed to leverage sales data received from third-party aggregators to generate meaningful insights that were critical for sales discussions with retailers. The Company also needed to accurately forecast its capacity utilization, generate bottom-up sales forecasts, and consolidate POS data from multiple retailers to manage its business.​ The Company engaged Merilytics (an Accordion Company) to consolidate POS data from several retailers to build an effective Excel-based reporting suite and migrate it to DOMO.


Reporting & Analytics

Data Management

The Execution

  • Set up a database on MySQL to load and parse third-party aggregator data received every month to create a historical timeline of sales performance​.
  • Leveraged the MySQL database to create multiple outputs, including detailed sales performance reports on PowerPoint, that formed a base for sales decks that could be leveraged during discussions with retailers​.
  • Built an automated tool using JAVA for consolidating POS data from 10+ retailers into one consistent format. The POS reports enabled the Sales Team to identify issues, such as stockouts, very quickly​.
  • Migrated the entire reporting suite onto DOMO platform to further streamline the monthly Category Management initiatives​.

The Results

As a result of the engagement, the Company was able to double its market share and become the leading brand in its category​. Merilytics (an Accordion Company) helped streamline data consolidation and reporting processes on both Excel and DOMO, enabling shorter turnaround times for Management Teams to track market and product performance​. Additionally, other outputs such as new product forecasting, capacity utilization forecasting, new product sales trackers, and POS reporting provided valuable insight to the Company, proving teams with increased visibility going forward.