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Case Study

Developing an HR & Workforce Expense Forecasting Tool

Team Size
4 team members
Project Duration
6 months

The Situation

A large media advertising company required a new system to plan workforce expenses for forecast and budget, as well as headcount planning at the role level. The Company had already begun to use Anaplan in other parts of the organization and Accordion was brought in to develop a process using the Anaplan platform to develop a workforce model which could then integrate with other use cases within the organization.


Budgeting/Forecasting Solution Implementation

Reporting & Analytics

The Execution

  • Worked closely with the organization’s finance & IT teams to develop a framework that would address the needs of the solution.
  • Built integration processes into and out of Essbase and other Anaplan models using Wdata, with scheduled integrations updating model data several times daily.
  • Calculated workforce expenses at the employee level, including projections for bonus, benefits, taxes, and merit increases for rostered employees, to-be-hired, and open seats.
  • Developed open requisition planning, pulling in open requisition data from Workday and allowing planners to create to-be-hired employees in their plans directly from this data.
  • Created ability to transfer roster employees to other cost centers within the organization to account for future transfers in the forecasting process.
  • Calculated headcount plans based on roster employees and any added to-be-hired and open seat forecasts.
  • Designed reporting and analytics dashboards to display the calculated forecast and budget data, as well as present variance analysis, roster comparisons, and archived prior forecast rosters.

The Results

Accordion successfully built an Anaplan model that provided the Company with a headcount and workforce expense forecasting and budgeting tool that easily integrated with their other Anaplan use cases. This tool integrated seamlessly with the Company’s existing instance of P&L planning in Anaplan, creating a more streamlined and real-time planning process across both HR and finance teams.