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Case Study

Building a DOMO-Based Utilization Dashboard

The Situation

A North America-based digital media and broadcasting company with various lines of business operating across the globe was struggling to track its employees’ utilization in an executive dashboard, and wanted to monitor it across lines of business, project type, and location. The Company engaged Merilytics (an Accordion Company) to build a DOMO-based dashboard in order to accomplish this task.


Reporting & Analytics

The Execution

  • Integrated employee work hours data from Workday and project staffing data from NetSuite platforms into the DOMO platform.
  • Created process flow to have a unified view of work hours for elapsed months, as well as allocated hours for future months.​
  • Tracked the headcount, employee utilization percentage, and adherence to timesheet submission across various groups (created based on location, line of business, and owner) in a consolidated dashboard.​
  • Forecasted employee utilization for the next six months based on current project plan and staffing data.​
  • Tracked the Budgeted Hours vs. Actual Hours & vs. Allocated Hours for each employee on client’s billable projects for past months and future month, respectively.

The Results

As a result of the engagement, the Company is now able to track employees’ utilization percentages and identify gaps in timesheet submissions. Management Teams can now ensure that the approval of timesheets on Workday is tracked and streamlined, and they can estimate bandwidth needs for the next six months by line of business, location, and project to ensure proactive resource management.