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Case Study

Advising on CPM Software Selection and Defining a Roadmap

Team Size
1 Director
Project Duration
2-3 weeks

The Situation

Following an acquisition, the Company was struggling with reporting consolidated results and separate COAs. Leveraging Excel to track and manage all finance functions was no longer scalable, and  recognizing the need for a more advanced & consolidated reporting solution, the company hired Accordion to assess options to enhance their operational efficiency.

Accordion’s services were enlisted to

  • Work with the Company to identify and address planning and reporting pain points
  • Design a blueprint for a future CPM technology system architecture
  • Formulate an implementation strategy for the new forecasting tool that could analyze current state forecast accuracy and highlight historical variances
  • Build a playbook for future acquisitions


FinTech Advisory

The Execution

  • Conducted meetings with key client stakeholders to review and understand key areas of the finance function.
  • Assessed current state capabilities relative to industry best practices across several areas including technology enablement, reporting and data optimization, and finance organization redesign and highlighted opportunities for future state refinement.
  • Identified pain points around data collection and transformation in the planning process and recommended CPM solutions for their budgeting and forecasting need.

The Results

Ultimately, Accordion provided an overview of CPM solutions, tailored to the size of the organization, including key features and recommendations. We developed a strategic roadmap, aligning priorities with available resources, and identified opportunities to address immediate pain points. We also created an architecture for an ideal high-level finance future state to highlight metadata and data flows while enabling the company for continued growth.