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Pursuing Culture & Connections: Jeff Goltara’s Journey to Accordion

Accordion's MD Spotlight Series

Spending the majority of his career in management consulting, Jeff Goltara learned about Accordion through competing in the market. Accordion’s distinct service offerings piqued his interest, but what really brought him to Accordion was the people.

I had previously worked with two current Accordionites, and I spent time with them during the recruiting process discussing their experiences. I also had the chance to connect with members of the Leadership Team. As I got to know them, it was clear that the Accordion team is special, and I wanted to be part of the firm’s innovative approach to both business and culture.

Today, Jeff is a Managing Director in Accordion’s Transformation Practice. Here’s what he said as he unpacked his journey to Accordion, Accordion’s client value proposition, and the firm’s unique culture:

Q: Tell me about your journey to Accordion. What prompted you to make a career change, and what excited you most about the opportunity?

Having worked within both boutique consultancies and the Big Four, I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside many talented people, and I’ve come to understand the qualities that make an advisory firm unique. Accordion’s top-tier talent and distinct private equity-focused service offerings were apparent from the beginning. Making the switch to Accordion was both a logical and exciting career move for me to make.

Q: How does working at Accordion – at the intersection of sponsors and management teams for PE-backed companies – differ from working at other firms?

Accordion was founded with a decisive purpose: to support portfolio company CFOs on their most significant value creation initiatives. That focus hasn’t wavered since day one, and it guides how we collaborate to serve our clients. Combined with a “no sharp elbows” approach and a talented team with diverse skill sets, we really do offer something different— and it’s gratifying to be a part of it.

Q: How would you describe Accordion’s culture?

Organizations reflect their leadership, and Accordion exemplifies this. The firm is truly founder-led; Nick [Accordion’s Founder & CEO] and our Executive Leadership Team are approachable and engage regularly with the organization, providing strategic guidance and tactical counsel as well as perspectives on the external environment influencing the direction of our business. The core principles that established the development and growth of Accordion remain strong, and they influence how we operate (including “think like an owner,” “partner with authenticity,” “challenge convention,” “pivot & persevere,” and “coach and be coached”).

Jeff Goltara

Accordion’s distinct core values drive how we recruit, communicate, and interact with each other and our clients each day, and help make Accordion both the go-to partner to the CFO as well as a firm that attracts top-tier talent.”

Jeff Goltara
Managing Director, Transformation, Accordion

Q: In what ways do you work cross-functionally – with MDs/Accordionites from different practice areas – to deliver for a client or drive BD initiatives?

Most projects I’ve worked on at Accordion have required cross-practice participation, as the work that we do lends itself to supporting portfolio companies across all stages of the investment lifecycle. That means everything from integration & value creation planning, cost & cash optimization, and systems design & implementation to planning & reporting and sell-side readiness. So, while many of our engagements begin by supporting clients with a distinct need, our consultants know how to tailor the engagement and bring in other practices to fit the changing economic environment and the client’s unique challenges and opportunities.

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