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Finding the Fun in Finance: Andrew Hede’s Journey to Accordion

Andrew Hede is a turnaround and restructuring “lifer” who has worked in the field for 30 years. While he started his career in Australia, he moved to the U.S. in 2001 for what was supposed to be a 2-year transfer — and he never left. Now, he’s based in New York City as the Head of Accordion’s growing Turnaround & Restructuring Group.

“As I entered the ‘back nine’ of my career last year, I wanted to find a firm that was not only invested in offering turnaround & restructuring services, but that was full of people who share my values. With Accordion’s collaborative and entrepreneurial culture, I found the ideal partner.”

Here’s what else Andrew had to say about his Accordion experience:

Q: How has working at Accordion differed from your experiences at other firms?

Every firm advertises an amazing, no-sharp-elbows culture… but at Accordion it’s true. Despite the firm’s growth, our core values and overall family feel have remained constant day-to-day – despite there currently being 1,000 Accordionites (and counting!).

Andrew Hede

In my 30-year career working at both boutique and global professional services firms, I’ve never worked anywhere like Accordion.”

Andrew Hede
Managing Director, Head of Accordion's Turnaround & Restructuring Practice

Q: In what ways do you work cross-functionally to deliver for Accordion clients?

T&R professionals can do a lot of things. At some things our skills are best-in-class, and other things we just get done. That’s why Accordion’s cross-functional structure is perfect. By partnering with teammates from other practices who might have different skills, we can truly offer clients top-tier solutions and resources across the entire restructuring landscape.

Q: In what ways is Accordion uniquely positioned to capitalize on what you’re seeing in the market right now?

We have recently seen a strong surge in restructuring activity as a result of macroeconomic trends, rising interest rates, inflation, and companies approaching debt maturities. What were once very discreet liquidity management assignments are now expanding into interim management opportunities, where clients and sponsors are seeking our assistance to fix both their balance sheets and businesses. Accordion’s breadth of complementary services allows us to offer the full suite of T&R support with the resources we have in-house, without having to bring in 2-3 providers.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining Accordion?

The Accordion pitch about culture, collaboration, and values is TRUE, and the sky really is the limit in terms of your personal growth and development. I wish I had joined 5-7 years earlier.

Andrew Hede

As a practice leader in an active restructuring market, I am incredibly busy. But for the first time in a long time, I am having so much fun doing the work.”

Andrew Hede
Managing Director, Head of Accordion's Turnaround & Restructuring Practice

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