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You don’t need us to tell you that value creation in private equity is more important than ever. What you do need to hear is: Accordion’s cross-functional team provides on-the-ground leadership and an execution-oriented approach to enable value creation at PE-backed companies.

Leveraging our data-driven heritage and decades of advisory and operational expertise, we partner with sponsors and management teams to help fundamentally improve the company’s finance function and achieve its growth ambitions.

To put it simply, we’ve sat in your shoes. Here’s how we can help:

“We need greater visibility into company performance to make timely, data-driven decisions.”

Our team designs and implements rigorous BI-enabled KPI reporting structures – eliminating manual processes and ensuring accurate, accessible, and timely data. Then, harnessing this newfound visibility into lagging and leading indicators of business performance, we transform big data into actionable insights for management and sponsors.

“Our company’s financial outlook is unclear. We need help forecasting and preparing for the future.”

We go beyond standard scenario planning and build-ups. By developing dynamic forecasts that incorporate granular data sets and key metrics, our team enables management to validate business outlooks across multiple dimensions, better understand the impact of different variables, identify the critical operating levers, and actively manage them.

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