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Forget everything you know about consultants. At Accordion, we’re a team of practitioners, not theorists. With diverse backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, FP&A, and accounting, we’re not afraid to dive into the trenches – but we also see the big picture. Our clients call us to do more than devise smart strategies; they call us to implement them.

“Our portfolio company’s reporting packages are not digestible."

Eliminate manual reporting that results in errors and multiple sources of truth. We'll streamline the process to ensure accurate, reliable, and accessible data – allowing your companies to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. Through cleaner reports and analytics, gain visibility into leading indicators to perform root cause analysis.

“We need to improve our portfolio company’s accounting process.”

Whether you’re looking for more timely and accurate financial results, or a way to ensure your portfolio companies have proper controls in place, we can help. Our team will devise the most efficient process so that your portfolio companies can fulfill orders, make payments, manage working capital, and mitigate risk.

“Management can’t explain why margins are falling or what to do about it.”

Disparate information systems, disjointed communications, operational complexity – common factors that prevent management teams from being able to understand the crosscurrents affecting growth and profitability. Our extensive experience in data analytics and strategic finance has allowed many companies to right the ship.

“Our portfolio company is systematically under performing compared to budget.”

If budgets are taking too long to produce, fail to align with value creation initiatives, and lack insight on important revenue and cost drivers, we can help. Our team will provide a framework so that your portfolio company can regularly answer questions about current versus historical assumptions (and what it all implies).

"Financials are not being reported in accordance with accounting policies.”

Our team can minimize stress and risk associated with new revenue recognition standards. Not to mention, we’re equipped to ensure that ERP implementations are properly aligned with cross-functional business requirements. The result? Shorter audits and the ability to respond to changes – reducing the amount of adjustments in the future.

“Our portfolio company doesn’t have the in-house skillsets to execute transactions."

Deal processes, add-on acquisitions, and carve-outs require specialized skills to not only manage, but also plan for and execute successfully. Our team can help. We can also ensure that the company’s post-close finance organization is set up properly from a people, process, and systems standpoint – enabling a more timely and structured approach for tracking value creation.

"Our portfolio company continues to under perform. Improvement plans are not gaining traction."

We know not every investment is a home run, but we excel at building value in businesses heading for trouble. By urgently changing performance trajectory, we measure success by improving company EBITDA and cashflow – generating value for all stakeholders.

“Our portfolio company needs help identifying opportunities for improvement.”

With Accordion’s Finance Function Roadmap, we’ll work alongside the CFO to conduct an end-to-end diagnostic across the finance function and all of the constituencies it serves – ultimately creating a prioritized action plan to optimize the finance function’s people, processes, and technologies.

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Meet Maestro

Meet Maestro

Say hello to Maestro: the first technology platform designed to institutionalize a private equity firm’s approach to value creation within their portfolio companies. Created by the Accordion team, Maestro unites best-in-class playbooks with a task management solution – enabling Sponsors to better align with Management Teams (and drive maximum returns). Finally, a single centralized platform for all aspects of portfolio operations.