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McKenzie Welter

Software Engineer
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McKenzie Welter

McKenzie is a Software Engineer with a passion for clean, intuitive code solutions and seamless back-end to front-end interaction. Despite previously working (primarily) in the back-end of web development for an education technology, McKenzie is excitedly diving deep into the full stack of application development for Maestro.

While working at edX, an online platform serving massive open online courses (MOOCs), McKenzie developed features around programs of study – enabling learners to further explore particular subject areas for their professional or academic advancement. This work introduced a new hierarchy of information storage regarding different course offerings, as well as a flexible system of course enrollment.

At Tufts University, McKenzie engaged in a robust curriculum of algorithm and programming language theory, allowing her to critically consider the costs and benefits of different available technologies, and endowing her with the acute skill to adapt to many different development environments.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

Something You Should Know

  • Avid puzzler, especially New York Times crosswords
  • Loves all things mountain-related (climbing, hiking, skiing, camping)


  • Played as a beater for the 2014 Northeast Regional Championship Quidditch team