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Active Liquidity Management

Accordion's Approach to Active Liquidity Management

At Accordion, we provide the leadership, the tools, and the hands-on tactical support required to actively manage liquidity during critical times.


Leveraging our deep analytical expertise, we establish robust financial models and processes that enable clients to project, identify, and manage periods of tightening liquidity – providing stakeholders with the necessary insight to drive informed decisions and take corrective actions. Here’s how:

Collect and Course Correct.

Actively managing liquidity can feel like an exercise in “planning for the worst while hoping for the best.” At Accordion, our team establishes processes to extend the liquidity runway – including expediting collections. While the business works to course correct, we structure collections efforts with proper account allocation, payment incentives, and KPIs.

Prioritize Outflows.

Every business has its “must have” vendors and its “nice-to-have” vendors. During times of stress, it’s crucial to understand the vital business needs – enabling vendor categorization (which is key to maintaining liquidity). Our team works with priority vendors to renegotiate payment plans, structure extended terms, and increase credit limits.

Communicate and Negotiate.

When the business needs to reset its obligations, it’s critical to have a designated point person – a trusted, experienced partner who allows the management team to stay focused on their daily roles. Enter Accordion. We manage communication with all constituents and negotiate with customers to restructure payment terms.

Take a Macro View.

At Accordion, we never forget that liquidity management is a TEAM sport. Every decision regarding cash and liquidity can have a ripple effect – potentially impacting the entire business. Before “pulling threads," we use a data-driven approach to understand the ramifications. We then proactively plan for future liquidity needs.

Rishi Jain

No one has a crystal ball, but Accordion’s processes and controls are the next best thing. We help businesses understand what their future looks like from a cash and liquidity perspective, resulting in better-informed decisions and improved trajectory.”

Rishi Jain
Co-Head of Western Region, Accordion
Rishi Jain

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