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Actionable Business Analytics

What He Said

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Now whether the ‘he’ in question is noted physicist Albert Einstein or sociologist William Bruce Cameron is a subject of some debate. Setting aside its attribution for a moment, we must still acknowledge the quote’s remarkable applicability to private equity’s (overwhelming) data ecosystem. Today’s sophisticated sponsor and corporate executive measure everything. But smart organizations can turn ‘more information’ into ‘more value.’ At Accordion, we help clients count what counts, turning data from information into knowledge into the type of business insight that informs value creation.

Our Approach to Actionable Business Analytics

Establishing What Counts

At the outset of any successful journey from data to insight is an understanding of ‘what’ to count. From trend analysis to variance to root cause to leading indicators, the establishment of sophisticated and purposeful metrics is critical to value creation. Accordion helps clients harness and effectively leverage data: reengineering analytical processes and outputs of enterprise-wide metrics to ensure clients are ‘counting’ against investment theses and value creation plans.

The Analysis Ecosystem

Measurement without tools isn’t measurement; it’s guessing. Companies need an effective analysis ecosystem to support accurate measurement, which in turn leads to tailored performance improvement strategies. Accordion builds these ecosystems by designing and implementing methodical processes and tools that help our clients get the most value from their existing people, systems and infrastructure.


Turning information into actionable business insights in a PE context is what we do and it’s what he have done for countless clients – each time bringing new ideas and a vast library of metrics, visualizations and analyses. Complementing how we do it, is who we do it with. Accordion’s cross functional team of practitioners – from portfolio companies, private equity, investment banking and financial leadership roles – make us uniquely suited to leverage analytics to drive value creation and accelerate performance.

Teach a Man to Fish

Our ‘who’ extends to your ‘who’. We don’t just leave behind a thorough analytical review. After all, value creation is an ongoing initiative. Accordion develops analytic processes and models on which we train client staff and orient client systems to independently turn data into actionable insight. Yes, we teach our clients to fish (but we also provide them with the pond, the rod and the bait to do it successfully).

Jason Madden

Too much analysis can yield paralysis. It must be actionable to drive value creation over any period of time.”

Jason Madden
Managing Director, Accordion
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