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Accounting Policies & Procedures

Build It and They Will Comply

Accounting policies are the framework that help companies navigate the complex practices that govern the preparation of financial statements. But what happens when that framework is so inflexible that bending it to adapt to, say, new requirements, breaks it altogether? What happens when it’s filled with redundant policies, or, worse yet, omits so many relevant policies that it’s essentially a frame without content? ‘Bad stuff’ – that’s what happens. At Accordion, we’re allergic to the accounting chaos that creates the bad stuff. We regularly help clients build, amend, and address accounting frameworks and policies that are not only technically sound but operationally sensible in a private equity environment.

Our Approach to Accounting Policies & Procedures

Policies (a Plethora of)

Name it, we build it (while adhering to GAAP or IFRS standards) – from ASC 606 revenue recognition to vendor management, from capitalization to accounts receivable, from FIFO inventory to LIFO inventory – and all points in between. Accordion excels at helping clients articulate their accounting principles, define the methods to apply those principles, and understand/disclose both the appropriateness of policies and their ultimate financial impact.

Procedural Implementation

The devil, they say, is in the details. And, we’re quite devilish. If our first objective is to create a sound and sensible policy (identifying why any current policies don’t meet that bar), then our second is to dictate the minutia of its effective implementation. Accordion creates a detailed step-by step procedural approach to policy adherence that includes both time/date markers and an authority matrix, identifying key (sponsor and corporate) stakeholders that need to be involved (and when).

Our People

Our people sit at that impossible to find intersection of technical expertise, operational acumen, and private equity expertise. Accordion will dot the I’s and cross the T’s to create compliant policy, but we’ll do so in the context of the unique operational needs of the business and fund sponsors. Our people help our clients walk a fine line – at once adhering to the rigidity of the standards, while leveraging their inherent flexibility to right size a procedural approach.

And Your People

We don’t just build policies and right-size procedures. We conduct (in the orchestral sense) their implementation. Our people help your people through the nuanced exercise of procedural implementation, ensuring the hand-off from Accordion’s team to yours is sensible, seamless, effective, and conducive to PE stakeholders.

Ayla Queiroga

When it comes to policies and procedures, it is vital to understand how they really affect the whole financial close and reporting cycle – a few breaks in the system can be the difference between a 5 day close and a 10 day close.

Ayla QueirogaSenior Director, Accordion
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