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Knowledge  |  02/02/2021  |  Jason Madden

Private Equity Investment in Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations

Diagnosing Health Care: A Podcast With Epstein Becker Green (Episode 16)

EBGAccordion’s Jason Madden Joins EBG Attorneys to Discuss what to assess when investing in physician practices accepting risk-based payments

This Diagnosing Health Care episode dives into the growth of physician practices accepting risk-based payments from health plans and examines why these practices are attractive to investors. Special guest Jason Madden, Managing Director at Accordion, and Epstein Becker Green attorneys Joshua Freemire, Jason Christ, and Tim Murphy, discuss the health regulatory considerations investors must assess when evaluating investment opportunities with physician practices accepting risk-based payments.

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Grab your headphones; there's a lot to assess when investing in physician practices accepting risk-based payments – and this podcast episode (featuring Accordion's Jason Madden) will walk you through it.

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Jason Madden

Success is not a layup. The risk management is still real: making sure that proactive medical care is administered in order to help both mitigate surprises in medical costs and medical expenses, and overall, making sure that patients are getting the care they need versus something more superficial. The risk is still there, but appreciation and ability to manage [that risk] has improved greatly over time.”

Jason Madden
Managing Director, Accordion

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