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Past Event  |  06/13/2024  |  Napa

PEI Operating Partners Forum: Napa 2024

Interactive Working Group | CFO-Operating Partner Dynamics: Alignment, Support, Retainment, and Development

Accordion’s session at Private Equity International’s Operating Partners Forum Napa – moderated by Barclay Stanton (Managing Director, Los Angeles Office Lead) and Brian Barnum (Operating Partner, Shamrock Capital) – will surround the intricacies of the CFO-Operating Partner dynamic. This session will be an interactive discussion designed for Operating Partners to gain and share knowledge from our subject matter experts and their peers. We will cover:

  • What makes a great portfolio company CFO, and how do you go about selecting the right one?
  • How do CFOs leverage data and any mandates for them to own, produce, or influence non-financial metrics?
  • What are the causes associated with CFO turnover and what are you doing to retain CFOs?
  • How do you incentivize, assess, and develop your CFOs across the lifecycle?
  • What is top of mind for your CFOs? How is the role of the CFO changing and evolving?
  • The relationship between CFO and other C-level executives, focusing on how CFOs influence other stakeholders.
  • How do you handle tensions with your CFOs and finance departments?
  • Showcasing different skills and traits needed for CFOs in different sectors/industries.

Meet the Moderator

Barclay Stanton
Barclay Stanton
Managing Director, Los Angeles Office Lead

Barclay is a Managing Director and Accordion’s Los Angeles Office Lead with extensive experience in the Consumer & Retail space, advising startups, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies. His balance of finance and operational expertise allows him to develop strategies with C-level executives and then effectively implement them within the organizations he serves.  Read more

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Anton Gimmel
Anton Gimmel
Managing Director, San Francisco Office Lead

Anton is a Managing Director and Accordion's San Francisco Office Lead, with 15 years of advisory, investment and FP&A experience with companies ranging from startups to large multinational corporations. With Accordion, Anton partners with management and private equity sponsors to transform organizations and improve business performance. His prior roles in growth equity investing and as a CFO/COO give him unique perspective on value creation for all stakeholders.  Read more

Jeff Goltara
Jeff Goltara
Managing Director

Jeff is a Managing Director with over two decades of management consulting experience serving finance and operations executives across corporate lifecycles – from early stage, VC-backed to established Fortune 500 companies.  Read more