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Case Study

Providing Integration and Project Management Support

Team Size
1 Director, 1 Associate
Project Duration
10 weeks

The Situation

A global leader in remote monitoring solutions for fixed and mobile industrial assets was looking to scale and expand geographically through acquisitions. They recently appointed a new Integration Manager who needed a partner and training to ensure successful integration. The Sponsor’s investment thesis focused on synergy opportunities between the client and target – developing an integration plan focused on achieving these synergies was critical.  Accordion was engaged to assist the Integration Manager and work closely with the Steering Committee and Integration Teams to ensure successful and timely integration.


Merger Integration Planning & Execution

Project Management Oversight

100 Day Planning

The Execution

  • Provided overall integration office management oversight and training to newly appointed IMO to ensure successful integration.
  • Created company-wide integration plan including all tasks and timelines for core and non-core business functions; Focused on key value drivers and realization of synergies correlated to the investment thesis.
  • Developed integration reporting dashboards to:
  • Track overall progress of core and non-core business processes
  • Discuss major milestones accomplished
  • Highlight key risks, delayed timelines and dependencies
  • Target key activities and focus points by team.
  • Conducted weekly steering committee meetings to provide overview of integration progress, key milestones achieved, and risk areas requiring decision making or attention.
  • Worked with teams to identify synergy projects and developed a robust model to track and report against budgeted projects.
  • Developed a custom integration playbook outlining overall integration approach, reporting and communication tools, and integration checklist for key functional areas.

The Results

Accordion’s IMO leadership played a critical role by guiding the in-house IMO and teams towards success. Our team developed a dual integration plan for two acquisitions, drove critical meetings with individual team leads and the steering committee, and enabled the Company to achieve and track synergies. We also trained the IMO and management team to effectively lead future integrations by utilizing their custom integration playbook.