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Case Study

Preparing a Company for a Sell-Side Process

Team Size
1 Managing Director, 1 Associate
Project Duration
12 weeks

The Situation

A PE-backed national lubricant distributor required assistance in preparing for a sale process as well as executing the transaction. Accordion was engaged to take a leadership role alongside the CFO in the sell-side process by preparing key analytical deliverables. These deliverables included: historical financial and operational KPIs, industry and market overviews and analyses, and other materials used to provide data-driven answers to key diligence questions posed by potential strategic and PE buyers. In addition, our team provided logistical support in facilitating the population of the data room, communication with the investment bankers and other stakeholders, and other ad hoc support in order to prepare for the sell-side process.


Sell-Side Readiness

The Execution

  • Engaged in a thorough data reconciliation and cleansing exercise to prepare consistent and easily accessible metrics for use in the confidential information presentation (CIP) and data room.
  • Worked with the CFO and investment bankers in preparing materials for meetings with buyers.
  • Recalibrated the data and analysis strategy to leverage existing Power BI infrastructure, which gave more efficient access to data and improved visibility into the Company’s historical and ongoing performance.
  • Compiled several ad hoc analyses, including:
    • Major brand profitability trending analysis.
    • Sales team Mix & sales manager performance.
    • Keep full & bulk customer counts & churn.
    • Monitored & keep gull tanks.
    • Market share by state & end market.
  • Managed the population of the data room from within the Company, liaising with select representatives across divisions (HR, legal, finance, etc.).

The Results

Accordion provided clean, consistent, and easily accessible metrics and analyses for use in the materials provided to buyers and other stakeholders as required to ensure a successful sell-side process. Our team utilized the existing Power BI infrastructure to facilitate ongoing KPI reporting – providing enhanced visibility into historical and real-time performance.