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Case Study

Deploying a More Effective P&L Planning Process

Team Size
2 team members
Project Duration
6 weeks

The Situation

An international security products & services company desired a faster, more collaborative, and more detailed process for P&L forecasting and budgeting. The Company had already purchased Anaplan for another use case and wanted to expand into P&L planning, but time constraints caused their implementation window to be very compressed. Accordion was enlisted to build a detailed P&L forecasting and budgeting model in just a few weeks using their in-house P&L forecasting Anaplan accelerator model.


Budgeting/Forecasting Solution Implementation

Reporting & Analytics

The Execution

  • Worked closely with the Company’s finance teams to develop a framework that would address the needs of the solution.
  • Developed forecasting and budgeting processes at the product and account level of detail for the Company’s corporate entity as well as several recently acquired entities.
  • Calculated revenue planning based on trend-based forecasting at the product level.
  • Calculated workforce expenses at the individual employee level through roster-based, attrition, and to-be-hired planning models.
  • Calculated non-personnel expenses based on custom selection of trend-based or driver-based planning at the account and product level of detail.
  • Leveraged Accordion’s in-house P&L Planning Anaplan accelerator model to incorporate some pre-built solutions to the model, allowing for the successful model build within 6 weeks.

The Results

Accordion successfully implemented an Anaplan model that provided the Company with more detailed planning capabilities, while also adhering to their limited timeline of 6 weeks. The Anaplan model allowed the client team to plan at a much more detailed level than before, leading to a more accurate forecasting process. The client team has since added more acquired entities to the planning process in Anaplan.