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Case Study

Conducting a NetSuite Health Check to Improve Cash Flow & Financial Visibility

Team Size
1 Managing Director, 1 Senior Director, 1 Senior Consultant
Project Duration
3 months

The Situation

A healthcare technology company engaged Accordion to help identify system gaps and recommend new, more effective NetSuite system processes, as their initial NetSuite implementation did not fully maximize system functionality or provide automation for manual tasks. Accordion’s primary goal was to address NetSuite configuration errors, build reports, conduct user training, and improve processes.


ERP Solution Implementation

Reporting & Analytics

The Execution

  • Improved the invoicing process at the start of the engagement by:
    • Setting up Domain keys.
    • Developing the PDF presentation in a way that was compliant with different countries’ requirements.
    • Setting up a workflow to optimize the sending of an invoice to multiple contacts at a customer.
  • Worked with the Company to maximize other applications alongside the NetSuite-specific enhancements by:
    • Creating detailed revenue reports to be leveraged in an integration with Power BI to provide greater insights into planned revenue.
  • Helped the Company fix NetSuite configuration errors.
  • Cleaned up system data and enabled data completeness.
  • Decreased overall A/R while also increasing billings.

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The Results

As a result of the engagement, the Company improved its global cash flow; optimizing the invoicing process resulted in a decrease in total A/R to total billings (23% decrease in global A/R aging 5 months). The Accordion team also increased the Company’s data integrity by addressing the number of non-compliant Revenue Arrangements and updating Fair Value formulas for maintenance/support allocation.

The Company now has increased financial visibility, as we helped improve reporting by creating reports around revenue and billing to drive integration with a Power BI analytics tool for planned revenue insights. Overall, our team maximized and enhanced the Company’s NetSuite investment while enabling them to gain more financial insight into their growing business.

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