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Spotlight on Dallas: A Q&A with Junaid Samnani and Jeff Wonsmos

Talking Texas Opportunity

Accordion’s lone stars, Junaid Samnani and Jeff Wonsmos, are far from lonely. Having launched the firm’s Dallas office earlier this year, they’ve gained significant momentum and are seeking top-tier talent to support a burgeoning number of Texas-based clients. (Aside from Dallas, Accordion’s 130+ finance and technology professionals work out of offices in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Charlotte.)

“They say everything is bigger in Texas…which means there’s plenty of space for Accordion to stretch and grow. We’re seeing tremendous (untapped) opportunity across the Texas private equity market, and we’re thrilled to be leading this chapter of Accordion’s growth story.” – Junaid Samnani

Junaid Samnani

What drew you to Accordion?

Jeff: There are two types of consultants: those who advise, and those who execute. While I’ve sat in both seats, I much prefer rolling up my sleeves and getting things done – which is exactly why I joined Accordion. Here, I get to work alongside PE sponsors and their management teams to implement best practices that add real value. I’m on the ground driving performance…not dictating from above. Since joining Accordion, I’ve worked in both operational accounting and integration leadership roles – managing carve-outs, transitioning finance functions, the works. It’s been a perfect fit for my skillset.

Junaid: Like Jeff, I was drawn to Accordion’s unique consulting model – but what really hooked me was the firm’s magnetic culture, respect for work-life balance, and hyper focus on growth. Given the large number of portfolio companies across Texas, it’s the ideal market for Accordion’s expansion. I saw an incredible opportunity to spearhead that effort – and I’m beyond excited to continue building out this Dallas team.

What do you mean by a “magnetic culture”?

Junaid: Accordion is unlike any other financial consulting firm. Despite being well-established, there’s an entrepreneurial energy that empowers every team member to take a seat at the table – eliminating hierarchy and fostering true camaraderie. Collaboration is more than a buzz word; it’s our reality.

For those who have grown accustomed to large consulting environments, Accordion feels like a breath of fresh air: people’s personal lives matter; people’s happiness matter. We are humans first, consultants second. With this comes a sense of flexibility – as we’re inspired to work smarter, not harder. So, I guess that’s what I mean by magnetic: once you experience what it’s like to work at Accordion, it’s hard to see yourself anywhere else.

Let’s drill deeper. What makes Accordion a flexible place to work?

Jeff: At the end of the day, Accordion is a financial consulting firm – and consulting will always involve travel. That said, since joining Accordion, I’ve gained greater control over my life on the road. I travel about 50% of the time…which is 30-40% less than consultants at the big firms. Not to mention, Dallas’ central location and large airports make travel a lot easier.

Junaid: To that point, one of the best perks of Accordion’s Dallas office is its proximity to numerous Texas-based portfolio companies. By tapping into the local market, we’re landing client engagements that are much closer to home.

So…you’re hiring. What types of roles are you looking for?

Junaid: Through its 10-year history, Accordion’s name has become synonymous with A+ execution. There’s a reason we’re trusted by 200+ of the world’s premier private equity firms (like Bain Capital, KKR, TPG, and more); it’s because we have the strongest talent. Our people aren’t just former accountants and investment bankers, our people have served in operating roles and understand the pace and rigor required in a PE-backed environment. As we hire here in Dallas, it’s imperative that we uphold these standards.

Jeff Wonsmos

Jeff: Specifically, we’re looking for professionals with backgrounds in finance transformation; data visualization; financial accounting and advisory; technical accounting; carve-out integration; performance improvement…

“We’re essentially hiring at all levels, across all of Accordion’s practice areas.” – Jeff Wonsmos

Junaid: And there’s never been a better time to climb aboard! This is an amazing opportunity to join at an early stage…to get in at the ground level and help shape Accordion’s regional presence. If you’re itching to flex your entrepreneurial muscles – (while doing hands-on finance work to drive value at PE-backed companies) – Accordion’s Dallas office is ready for you.



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