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Matthew Heard: The Big Four Reasons I Joined Accordion

The Big 4 Reasons I Joined Accordion

Current CFA candidate and former member of the BDO External Audit Division, Matthew Heard shares his big four reasons for joining the Accordion team:

Matthew Heard is a Director at Accordion.

“There’s a culture at Accordion that you just don’t see anywhere else. I get to be more than an accountant, I get to make my mark on a fast-growing firm.”

The People

The caliber of talent at Accordion struck me from the beginning. There’s a real collaborative nature among the people here – a constant willingness to share knowledge to not only benefit our clients, but to truly help one another grow.

The Diversity of Backgrounds

Accordion brings together a blend of skill-sets and financial career paths – including: former Big 4 execs, CFOs, financial controllers, investment bankers and private equity professionals. Unlike other firms where teams are departmentalized, Accordion is very interactive. We all work together, side-by-side.

The Involvement in All Facets of the Firm 

There is a spirit of encouragement at Accordion – everyone, regardless of role or title, is part of the firm’s growth story. We all have our hands in business development initiatives and hiring, which creates an entrepreneurial environment.

The Unique Dynamic

Client engagements at Accordion are unique in that we get to work not only with Private Equity firms, but also alongside the C-suite Executives of their Portfolio Companies. We’re a true partner to portfolio operations groups.